Snowflake Water is a Reality!

Ever wondered what melted snowflakes taste like? I wondered this when I was young and had nothing better to do than to write on the wall with a crayon and talk to my imaginary friend Pheubherth. When curiosity finally got the best of me, I went outside on a snowy day and got a handful of snow to defrost in a cup and taste. It tasted disgusting, as if someone put gravel, dirt, leaves and pencil shavings into a juicer and served it chilled.

If I had things my way, I would make snow taste like cream soda so that each snowfall would be a wonderfully delicious experience. Since it’s not possible to do that in this world, I made a bottled, artificial version of my snowflake dream, called “Snowflake Water.”

Geremology x Jones Soda

My bottled snowflake water experience is a joint production with Jones Soda and it features my official Snowflake Water emblem, which has tiny G’s hidden in the snowflake. The back of the bottle features my snowflake water story and the the drink is packaged in a glass bottle for safekeeping of your melted snowflake water.

I don’t want to be greedy and keep of this great snowflake water to myself, so I am giving it away to you—the wonderful, faithful visitors of Unfortunately it costs quite a large sum of money to ship glass bottles around the United States, so if you would like one of these collectors items in your home, you can pay a portion of the shipping and handling charges ($3) and then it becomes yours. Supplies are limited, so first come, first serve. Also, if you’ve ever received anything from me in the mail in the past, you know that I like to ship extra surprises in the package, so prepare yourself!!

Geremology x Jones Soda

Geremology x Jones Soda

Terms and Conditions Open to residents of the United States only. Three dollar shipping and handling charges only accepted via major credit card or paypal payment. One bottle per person while supplies last. Do not use glass bottles as a weapon. Play nice!

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