Success: Soon and very soon!

Whenever someone asks me for a description for my website, I say “twenty year old self-proclaimed genius allows you to track his path to success on” But there’s one problem: thus far, I haven’t divulged any information about my plan to be successful.

After using last week to plan my major milestones for the next 15 years, I have decided to pursue two goals that I’ve had for months:

1) Get an internship.
I have tons of employment experience, from “crew transporter” to TV editor, but I haven’t had any business-field related experience. I’ve had two meetings with my school’s career counsellor last week and I have my third meeting tomorrow. If all goes well, I will have an internship by January of 2006…then I will rise to CEO of the company.

2) Develop a publicly available website
I have a dream that one day even the internet, a dangerous place, sweltering with the heat of inappropriate websites, will be transformed into an oasis of geremological goodness.

I have an idea for a website that millions of people will be able to visit every day to manage their lives. That’s the vaguest description that I can give before my meeting with a lawyer tomorrow, but after I find a web designer/programmer and collect the $2000 to get started on the initial costs, more information will be shared.

So this has been your Geremology minute on the subject of success. When I become rich and famous, you can tell all of your friends, “I used to watch that kid make a fool of himself back when he was poor”