Thanks Airborne!

Earlier this week I was studying at 3am when I developed a little sneeze. The sneeze persisted for a few minutes, then it was joined by its buddy stuffy nose. At first, my nose was just a little stuffy, but then all airflow through my nose was restricted by congestion that had the power of the Hoover Dam. That’s when I said enough is enough!

I left my room and went downstairs to look for something to attack my congestion. I came across everything from a mini suction to a plunger—all eligible choices to unclog my nose, but I settled on something that I’ve never used before…Airborne.

I popped the Godzilla sized tablet into a cup of water and drank it down, chunks and all. At that point, I was too congested to continue studying so I set my alarm for 6am and headed to bed. When I woke up in the morning to finish cramming I was surprised to see that Airborne attacked the cold forming bacteria and I was good to go!

Thanks to Airborne, I was able to have a congestion-free day. Get yourself a bottle.