The Birth of the Peculiar Shirt


About six weeks ago I went shopping for new dress shirts, only to discover (after four hours of shopping) that my perfect dress shirt didn’t exist. My shopping fiasco showed me that the majority of sub-$100 shirts lacked quality, character, style and/or attention to detail, but nevertheless I still purchased a few shirts so I wouldn’t have to go to work barebacked. When I concluded my shopping debacle I decided that I needed to create a product to fill the void in the market for shirts suitable to be worn by the Peculiar man.

For the next 100 hours following my failed shopping experience I remained focused on the goal of creating a special shirt. I came up with a few sketches of my ideal dress shirt and I settled on a few initial ideas for fabric color combinations. After I had the perfect product on paper, I came in contact with a manufacturing company who was able to bring the products to life in record time using the best quality materials. Within a few weeks weeks Peculiar Dress Shirts were born!



The new Peculiar PPL dress shirts were created in five different flavors and they fully live up to my expectations and dreams. These shirts have the following characteristics that solve the annoyances that I’ve experienced with dress shirts in the past:

– All shirts feature 100% cotton, high-quality fabric that is anti-wrinkle*, anti-shrink and breathable
– There aren’t three trillions pins that are hidden in various places in the shirt, to secure it to the cardboard backing. The number of pins have been greatly reduced and plastic clips were used instead, which reduces your risk of stabbing yourself with a straight pin and bleeding on your new shirt. Safety first!
– The shirts are marked for simple sizing (Small – XXL) rather than complex neck/sleeve numbers. However, a conversion chart will be available so you can order for an exact fit.
– All shirts have fully enclosed collar-stays so they don’t get lost and result in a limp-looking collar
– Our cardboard Peculiar PPL hangtags are durable and attached with woven cloth, in case you would like to keep it as a keepsake
– All shirts are attached to a foam-covered cardboard so there aren’t as many sharp, noticeable lines embedded in the shirt after unpacking
– All shirts appear to be normal, solid-colored shirts when worn with a tie, but when when the tie is removed and the top button is unbuttoned, the contrast color is revealed in the button holes, buttons, placket, inner neckline and/or inner cuff.


On a quick glance the shirts appear to be “normal” but upon closer inspection they are unmistakably Peculiar…just like me!


Also, here’s a little secret for you: The dress shirts will be available in the online store for purchase on Tuesday, June 28th in the following colors:
– White with Brown accents
– Brown with Pink and Baby Blue accents
– Pink with Black accents
– Navy Blue with Baby Blue and Pink accents
– Baby Blue with Black and Pink accents

Also, a new t-shirt design will be launched with two “special edition” colors.

I’m learning more with every new product idea and clothing release and I appreciate all of the Peculiar PPL out there who are taking this journey with me!

* The white shirt is not anti-wrinkle, but it is just as amazing as the rest.

  1. October 18, 2011 - Reply

    great post-I have bookmarked your site :)

  2. August 5, 2012 - Reply

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