The Launch of Certified Peculiar

In third grade, my dad peddled my overpriced school candy catalog to everyone we knew because I wanted the grand sales prize—a telescope that could see outer space. For those two months in 1993, everyone was a target of our high-pressure sales tactic for us to get that telescope. For some reason, I felt that I had to see Saturn with that telescope and if I didn’t, I’d die of a broken heart and crushed dreams.

After family, friends, neighbors, and family-friends’ neighbors purchased at least $20 worth of the overpriced, low-quality chocolates, we finally had enough points to get the highly-coveted telescope. I was bursting with excitement! All of my childhood dreams could finally come true! With this beloved telescope, I would finally be able to see Saturn, Mars, and ET! However, when the telescope finally arrived, it was packaged in a flimsy box that measured 10 inches on its longest side. Although I was only 8 years old, I knew that we had been bamboozled without even opening the box!

The telescope was about 1/8th the size of its appearance in the catalog. It looked like it cost about 25 Zambian Kwachas to make, and what it lacked in quality, it lacked even more in functionality. When I set it up to look into our next door neighbor’s window, I could barely see her middle finger as she waved it to me while yelling. I was 8, so I assumed she was saying hi. I didn’t wave back because I was too busy holding the $4 telescope together.

The telescope incident happened in 1993, but sadly in 2014 I see even more cases of misleading product advertising, poor packaging, and unmerited overcharging. Just last year, I spent over $100 on a watch that looked like it was crafted out of high quality materials, but when I got it, it didn’t even last a week before it started to scratch and fray right in front of my eyes.

Certified Peculiar Website

My solution to this growing issue is “Certified Peculiar.” This new service tests products against strict benchmarks and puts a seal of approval on the products that meet the standards of excellence for Peculiar people. This will make it easier to find high-quality, dependable products, and it will ensure that more money is put towards companies that purpose to make quality products.

The Certified Peculiar program is launching today with an insulated water bottle. It is a vacuum-insulated drink canister that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for a full day. Not only is it Certified Peculiar, but it is sold by Peculiar PPL with a 61 day money back guarantee if you decide that you hate it after 60 days. Personally speaking, this bottle is hands-down the best and most attractive drink canister that I’ve ever used in my life.

If you want this amazing bottle in your life, it is available for pre-order on for $30, and beginning mid-September, it will be for sale for $35.

The Certified Peculiar program is quickly ramping-up between now and the end of the year, and soon it will be the most coveted product certification ever! This is all part of my goal of making a positive impact on the world by serving and enabling Peculiar people! Too bad something like this wasn’t available in 1993, because then I could’ve saved myself from the massive disappointment of not seeing Saturn and having my childhood dreams crushed before my innocent little eyes!

Buy Certified Peculiar products at, otherwise your childhood dreams will be crushed!