The Memory of Groffy the Guinea Pig

Ever since my family forgot about our pet goldfish for a year, only to find it swimming in an inch of water in the fishtank that was somehow hidden in the far end of the house, I knew that we weren’t cut out to be pet owners. However, all of this changed when my little brother got Groffy the guinea pig as a birthday gift on June 19th 2010. I barely paid attention the guinea pig for a while, but then things changed when I was assigned the task of caring for the rodent while the rest of the family traveled out of the country for a one week vacation.

One week of caring for the guinea pig changed everything. During that week, I took him out of his caged habitat for the first time and allowed him to run free in my brother’s bedroom. He happily ran around in circles at full speed–running and pooping and shrieking simultaneously. During that week I taught him how to stand up on two feet and how to find his way to my bedroom. This week changed both of our lives and we became friends….man and rodent.

This friendship grew for a couple of months as he jumped out of his cage every morning at 7:37am and shrieked outside of my door until I fed him his daily ration of timothy hay. Also he shrieked whenever he heard my voice in the evenings when I came home from work. When I was watching TV downstairs, he stood in the balcony area of the TV room and shrieked until I came upstairs and fed him baby carrots. When I hurt my foot recently and was walking with crutches, he walked along my side as I navigated around the second floor of the house. He knew the power that he had in the house and he walked around like he owned the place.

Unfortunately all of this came to a sudden end two weeks ago as Groffy passed away. I was not at home when it happened, but in the morning of the day that he passed I made a quick video of him battling me for his favorite type of organic baby carrots.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present to you the last recorded memory of Groffy the guinea pig:

My brother handled the entire situation very well and I was very proud of him, but he wanted to have another guinea pig to follow in Groffy’s footsteps. As a result, we now have a new baby guinea pig in the house named Mr. Thomas. We can only hope and pray that Thomas lives to be at least half as amazing and entertaining as Groffy was and after playing with him for the last three weeks, I know that he will be! As for Groffy, he is now in heaven, where he happily runs around at full speed, shrieking and pooping simultaneously!

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