The Reflection Collection – Product # 2

Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection

I’ve hated Macs for years. It all started when I had to edit lengthy videos in Final Cut Pro and right before making my final cut, the program would close because of a “fatal error.” As a result, my many hours of hard work would be forever lost in an abyss of irretrievable work. When this happened, I would have no choice but to [figuratively] unleash my frustration on the PowerMac G4 computer, which resulted in me having a strong disdain for Macs. But then everything changed when I got an Apple G5 computer as a Christmas gift in 2004.

The iMac's Ports

The G5 computer came to me as a surprise gift from my dad (or Santa) and after spending long hours with it, I was in love. This love that I established for Apple grew exponentially over the next few years and I went on to purchase almost every product that they subsequently released. As of today, I own an 27″ iMac, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod Shuffle, and Airport Extreme, with future plans to purchase every single future Apple product that they release.

The iMac

Without these products, I wouldn’t have been able to edit millions of hours of video footage, start a media company, design this website, communicate with people, design clothing, etc, etc. Basically, I would not have been completely free to be a creative individual if it had not been for Apple products. These products contribute to my smooth-running, technology driven life and I strongly believe in Apple and any product that they release.

My second reflection collection product is a grey, striped dress shirt that is a reflection of the typical anodized aluminum & black color scheme of many of my Apple products. Additionally, all of my Apple products function well on their own, but are significantly better with the inclusion of one minor accessory. For example, the iPhone 4 is significantly better with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus case, the Macbook Pro is better with the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones, and the iPad is better with a multi-function smart case. This philosophy is the same for the Peculiar PPL shirt— with addition of matching cufflinks on its french cuffs, the shirts appearance can be significantly better. As with all of my designs, the shirt has a high contrast inner cuff, square buttons, and a spread collar that looks amazing when paired with a tie (and tied in a double windsor knot).

This shirt is the second product in the Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection and if you’re unable to afford any of the Apple products, you can always purchase the shirt for a lot cheaper and know that it was inspired by one of your favorite Apple products.

Next time, I will feature Product Number 3: The JetSuite Reflection

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    […] fact, I own the majority of current Apple products and i’ve used Apple as the inspiration for a shirt that I designed. My recent interaction with the Apple store presents a compelling reason for my attachment to the […]