The Royalty Experience for Peculiar Pens

I experienced exemplary service when my watch was losing time and I had to take a trip to the Breitling boutique in NYC. As soon as I arrived to the boutique, one of the employees wore elegant gloves in order to handle my watch. Then she requested that I follow her to the personal service area, as she held my watch in front of her as a ring bearer would hold the rings at a wedding ceremony. Then she gently placed the watch on a leather pad and offered me beverage as she registered the watch for service.

I felt like royalty!

The watch was shipped to the main factory where they dismantled the entire timepiece and replaced everything that showed any signs of wear. When I picked up my fully serviced watch six weeks later, it looked brand new without any scuffs or blemishes. My only issue was that it cost an arm (not my watch-wearing arm) and a leg. Even though I paid a significant premium for this service, I couldn’t get this experience out of my head. I felt that Peculiar PPL needed to provide an equal or better service experience for a fraction of the cost. As a result, I spent several weeks improving the Peculiar writing utensil.

Peculiar Writing Instrument

First I wanted to make sure that this pen had the potential to become everyone’s favorite pen, so I discarded the ordinary ink cartridges that I originally chose for the pens and I selected a significantly better cartridge that wrote extraordinarily.

Peculiar Writing Instrument

Then I put together the best pen warranty out of any pen in existence. For the first five years of owning the pen, service will be provided for free on an annual basis. Under this service plan, the pen will be restored to the original (or better than original) condition. Worn parts will be replaced or repaired, ink cartridges will be replaced or upgraded (if available), and the pen will be polished back to its original shine. Best of all, effective immediately, this is provided free of charge with the purchase of a Peculiar Writing Instrument. More details on this service here.

Though the Breitling service cost me an arm and a leg, it was worth every penny because it gave me a valuable lesson in service and workmanship, which I can pass along to Peculiar PPL everywhere!