Time and Money…wasted!

2006 Calendar

While in the process of reloading gigabytes of information onto my new computer I sifted through lots of data that I’ve diligently collected throughout the years. Two pieces of data that has consumed a significant amount of space on my computer were my calendar entries and my personal financial records–both dating back to January 2006.

In 2006 I thought that it would be useful to begin tracking every minute and dollar that I spent throughout my life. At the time, I made it a monthly practice to analyze all money spent and I cross referenced the records with my calendar to eliminate inefficiencies in my life. Now that I have three solid years of financial and calendar information and six years of journal entries, I am looking for a useful way to use this information to improve my future decisions.

My only finding thus far is that my trips to the sneaker store were always followed by a 20-50% reduction in my bank account balances. Maybe my horrible, horrible sneaker buying habit is the reason why I’m not a gillionaire right now.