Welcome to Your New Home: The Jet

Private Jet Exterior

As I so boldly declared to the world a few months ago, I am going to own an Embraer Phenom 100 Jet by 2015. In preparation for this, I knew that it was important for me to surround myself with other jet owners so I can adopt a similar mindset in the area of aircraft ownership. Also, I felt that it was important to learn every aspect of jet ownership so I can develop a good business model behind it. So when I heard about a national aviation trade show taking place, I knew that I had to attend regardless of the cost.

Jet Interior

I booked two reservations: one for me and one for my pilot friend, who came along as my advisor. As we went from jet to jet it was easier for me to picture myself owning one. The first thing I did as I entered each aircraft was to choose a seat as my future base station and then adjust that seat until it was perfectly comfortable for me. Then I pulled out the table for the seat and imagined my 17″ Macbook Pro sitting there. Then I went to the bathroom of the plane and, yes folks, I sat on the lavatory to get a sense of what it would be like to make strategic decisions while sitting there. If I liked the feeling of the jet, then I’d take note of its name as I moved onto the next one. I did this several times before reaching MY jet.

MY Jet Interior

I saw the Embraer Phenom 100 Jet sitting on the tarmac and it immediately said to me “you found me–welcome home!” It felt oh-so-right in there and I began to mentally make styling decisions of how I’m going to differentiate my plane with the G-Head logo plastered across everything and anything. I spent a considerable amount of time in my plane, but I didn’t feel like I became fully acquainted with it. Later in the day, I reached out to a contact and scheduled a one-on-one meeting so I could have full and exclusive rights to sit around and acclimate myself to the plane…..to MY plane.

This event worked wonders for me and now I know that I’ve got to start saving up for this jet. In preparation for the first flight in August of 2015, I am taking meeting requests around the US for the latter half of the year 2015! Expect to see me zooming through the sky very soon!