1994 – Little Rascals Corporation 1995 – LRC, Inc (Little Rascals Corporation went through a company restructuring) 1996 – Geremy’s Baseball Card Club 1997 – Gimme Lunch, Giv-you Dollar 2000 – Geremy (I branded myself!) 2003 – FX Comp – Computer Solutions 2007 – Geremedia, LLC

These are all companies that I’ve started throughout my life, mostly because I was bored and saw an opportunity to earn a profit. I guess that somehow it became ingrained in my mind that I needed to always own a business and have multiple streams of revenue coming in. As a result, I sometimes start businesses when I’m bored.

Emerge Management Co.

2008.5 This was the case on Tuesday, when I started a company.  This company was created to have a separate entity managing my house (that I don’t even own yet) and any future pieces of real estate that I buy. I gave myself a one-week deadline to fully register for a business, including tax ID number, bank account, and logo and I got it completed in 5 days. Three pats on the back for Geremy!

I hope that this unique hobby doesn’t turn into an addiction one day because I’m guessing that there are no 12-step classes for “Perpetual Business Starters” and I’d have to suffer alone for the rest of my life.