¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Mexicans on the Beach

After a disturbingly long plane ride from NJ to Arizona, then another plane ride from Arizona to Mexico we have finally arrived at our hotel. Since I did not get a chance to sleep prior to leaving for Newark Airport at 3am I caught up on a lot of sleep during the plane ride. A special thanks goes out to the nice PriceWaterhousecoopers lady who sat next to me on the plane from NJ to Phoenix without yelling or cursing. She put up with my sleeping (and probably drooling) without ever poking me and telling me to shut up like my sister did during the entire 2nd flight. Hope you made your meeting safely and on-time, lady!

Barcelo Suite Barcelo Suite

Our hotel room is really nice, but my parents’ suite is amazing. I definitely want to decorate my first bachelor-pad to look the same way—red walls and all! I’ve been trying to sneak into their room to crash on their couch, but they’re not too fond of that idea. Their room also has free internet, which I am taking advantage of right now…

Day 1 was spent sleeping, mostly. Day 2 is taking place as I write this. I will check back in with a summary of the excitement at the beginning of Day 3.