The Peculiar Future


Today marks exactly 5 years from the day that I launched Peculiar PPL. Happy Birthday, Peculiar PPL…you’re finally old enough to go to kindergarten!!

While the brand is called “Peculiar PPL,” the company is called “Peculiar Enterprises, LLC” because the overall mission was always bigger than just creating and selling great products. My vision is to equip and inspire Peculiar people–which are the people who have an unwavering drive to positively affect the world with their unique skills. When these people are empowered, they make a positive change in the world, which benefits everyone.

Here’s a deeper look at the Peculiar Enterprises Strategy as I envisioned it six years ago:

Phase 1: Create a clothing brand to better understand Peculiar people

Peculiar PPL doesn’t seek to be the biggest brand in the world, but I’d like it to be the most important brand in the world. Instead of trying to individually reach all 7+ billion people, I’d like to just appeal to the few million change agents out there. These are the people who move first and then the rest of the world follows. They’re leaders, pioneers, deviants, and independent thinkers. They’re the ones who can massively impact the world in a great way when they’re inspired, motivated, and given the tools and support that they need.

Selling products through Peculiar PPL is my way of reaching trailblazers and understanding their needs via the things that they purchase and their interaction with the brand. A key part of “phase 1” is providing the products that enhance a Peculiar person’s daily life. This is why I started with the # 1 thing that they use every single day of their lives: clothing.

Peculiar Packaging

Instead of trying to create the cheapest shirts, I focused on limited edition, high-quality shirts with inspiring messages on them, packaged in a very unique way…like meat at a supermarket. Then I moved onto other products that Peculiar PPL use frequently, like dress shirts, pens, notebooks, bottles, and cell phone cases. The focus of all of these products is to maximize quality, not minimize costs.

The brand is currently still in Phase 1 where I will continue to create more and more products that will appeal to Peculiar people, enhance their work and inspire them to do more great things. As I continue to learn about Peculiar people, we will eventually enter into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Use the learning from Phase 1 to expand Peculiar Enterprises into other areas

Peculiar Enterprises Strategy.001

The expansion areas include (not in any particular order):
Transportation: Air travel, Auto travel
Food: Restaurants, Cafes, Packaged food products
Business Management: Business consulting, Business finance management, Personal finance management
Knowledge: Seminars, Lectures, Schools, Content creation
Media: Book publishing, Music production, Video production
Real Estate: Interior design, Home construction, Commercial construction
New Ventures: Venture capital, Business incubator
Other Services: Concierge, medical center, Car wash, Delivery service

I’ve got a very unique way of approaching each of these areas, and everything is in the service of Peculiar people. For instance, there will be a “Peculiar Air” private jet service for Peculiar people. Also, there will be buildings across the world where Peculiar people will go to do their work and be effective. Those buildings will include offices for people who are working on important projects or for people who are starting their new ventures, restaurants where they can get healthy food options, studios for people to create content, and libraries filled with resources to teach and inspire. Everything will be created with the unique needs of Peculiar people in mind, and will be unlike anything that exists today.

Phase 3: Help others create products and services to reach Peculiar people

Phases 1 and 2 are there to show that Peculiar people can make a massive impact in the world when they are appropriately served. Phase 3 will be to help large brands focus a percentage of their efforts on helping Peculiar people.

Imagine Apple creating a Certified Peculiar iPad, or Tesla releasing a Certified Peculiar Model III, or Google releasing a Certified Peculiar software suite. The intention of the third phase is to take everything that was learned in Phases 1 and 2 of the plan and sharing it with companies who want to meet the needs of the people who positively impact the world. If other companies don’t want to do this, then it’s fine…Peculiar Enterprises will do it ourselves.


So that’s a high-level view of the planned future of the company. It won’t be easy because it has never been successfully completed on a large scale, but my life’s mission is to add value to those who multiply value to others, and those people are Peculiar people.

To celebrate the 5 years of Peculiar PPL (and to reward those who have read this far into this post), I’m announcing two things today:

1) A $5 credit on, with free shipping.
Every customer can get $5 off each purchase with free shipping on for the next 5 days (through March 24th) by using the code 5ive. You can use the credit to buy something for $5, or you can buy the t-shirt or bottle that you’ve always wanted. Either way, each person can use the coupon once, so have fun with it and tell all of your friends…you can even buy something and ship it directly to them and seem like the best, most thoughtful friend ever!

2) Launch of the Peculiar PPL Ambassador program
The ambassador program was created to get feedback on future products and to reward those who spread the word about the brand. You can visit to read all about the program and apply.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the brand along the way! It has been an exciting five years and I’m looking forward to an exciting, Peculiar future. If you want to stay tuned-in to the developments, Like us on Facebook, Add us on Instagram, and Follow us on Twitter!

Peculiar Surprises

I love when people surprise me with unexpected gifts and I’m sure that a number of other people do too. So, I’m using my brand, Peculiar PPL, spread the holiday cheer and provide gifts to the masses via an official surprise gifts initiative. Here’s a video of me explaining “A Very Peculiar Surprise,” which is only open for one more week!

Sign up for a Peculiar surprise on because Santa Claus is not real.

The Launch of Certified Peculiar

In third grade, my dad peddled my overpriced school candy catalog to everyone we knew because I wanted the grand sales prize—a telescope that could see outer space. For those two months in 1993, everyone was a target of our high-pressure sales tactic for us to get that telescope. For some reason, I felt that I had to see Saturn with that telescope and if I didn’t, I’d die of a broken heart and crushed dreams.

After family, friends, neighbors, and family-friends’ neighbors purchased at least $20 worth of the overpriced, low-quality chocolates, we finally had enough points to get the highly-coveted telescope. I was bursting with excitement! All of my childhood dreams could finally come true! With this beloved telescope, I would finally be able to see Saturn, Mars, and ET! However, when the telescope finally arrived, it was packaged in a flimsy box that measured 10 inches on its longest side. Although I was only 8 years old, I knew that we had been bamboozled without even opening the box!

The telescope was about 1/8th the size of its appearance in the catalog. It looked like it cost about 25 Zambian Kwachas to make, and what it lacked in quality, it lacked even more in functionality. When I set it up to look into our next door neighbor’s window, I could barely see her middle finger as she waved it to me while yelling. I was 8, so I assumed she was saying hi. I didn’t wave back because I was too busy holding the $4 telescope together.

The telescope incident happened in 1993, but sadly in 2014 I see even more cases of misleading product advertising, poor packaging, and unmerited overcharging. Just last year, I spent over $100 on a watch that looked like it was crafted out of high quality materials, but when I got it, it didn’t even last a week before it started to scratch and fray right in front of my eyes.

Certified Peculiar Website

My solution to this growing issue is “Certified Peculiar.” This new service tests products against strict benchmarks and puts a seal of approval on the products that meet the standards of excellence for Peculiar people. This will make it easier to find high-quality, dependable products, and it will ensure that more money is put towards companies that purpose to make quality products.

The Certified Peculiar program is launching today with an insulated water bottle. It is a vacuum-insulated drink canister that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for a full day. Not only is it Certified Peculiar, but it is sold by Peculiar PPL with a 61 day money back guarantee if you decide that you hate it after 60 days. Personally speaking, this bottle is hands-down the best and most attractive drink canister that I’ve ever used in my life.

If you want this amazing bottle in your life, it is available for pre-order on for $30, and beginning mid-September, it will be for sale for $35.

The Certified Peculiar program is quickly ramping-up between now and the end of the year, and soon it will be the most coveted product certification ever! This is all part of my goal of making a positive impact on the world by serving and enabling Peculiar people! Too bad something like this wasn’t available in 1993, because then I could’ve saved myself from the massive disappointment of not seeing Saturn and having my childhood dreams crushed before my innocent little eyes!

Buy Certified Peculiar products at, otherwise your childhood dreams will be crushed!

The Peculiar Mission

My most ambitious goal to-date has been to greatly affect the the world in a positive way. When I thought of a strategy to do this, I decided that I wanted to provide value to those who multiply value to others. Therefore, if I provide value to people who are passionate about making a positive change in the world, then those people will be equipped and inspired to make a difference in the lives of countless other people. My way of providing value to these people was to create the brand Peculiar PPL.

When I created the company, it was a bit unorthodox in its approach because was never about the products— it was all about the people. So, to make this crystal clear and to ensure that I always remained focused on the people, named the brand after the people that it serves— Peculiar PPL.

I’ve always had a hard time articulating this mission, so recently I wore one of my favorite Peculiar PPL dress shirts, set up a video camera and spoke about the company. After about an hour of recording, I realized two things: 1) It’s odd (and oddly entertaining) to speak to an imaginary person in front of a camera, and 2) I love the Peculiar PPL brand…a lot!

Before this video officially hits the public, I wanted to share it with you! Here is my brief video about the brand Peculiar PPL!

Peculiar Trademark

The Peculiar PPL Story

I am now the owner of the “Peculiar PPL” trademark in the United States! This is one step in the right direction and one tiny piece of the Peculiar Enterprises strategy. Very exciting journey ahead!

Peculiar PPL Updates – 11/2012

I could write about Peculiar PPL all day, everyday, but I’ll spare you from having to read it all…except this one time. In this journal entry, I will answer a few Peculiar PPL related questions:

What is “Peculiar PPL”?
Peculiar PPL is a brand that provides the products and services to enable Peculiar people to be effective.

Who are these “Peculiar People” that you speak of?
Peculiar People are the leaders and influencers of society. My life’s goal is to positively impact the world and society as a whole, so I plan to do this by adding value to Peculiar people who multiply value to others.

What makes Peculiar PPL special?
Among other things, I’m obsessed with making great products.. The average Peculiar product takes 3 to 4 months of development with multiple design iterations before its release.

With a typical product design, I spend approximately 200 hours obsessing over the placement of every single glyph, letter, line and the size of every graphical element. After the design is near-final, I load the design onto my iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV and stare at it for a long time week to see how it resonates with me from different viewpoints at different points in the day. After criticizing and adjusting the design elements, the product either goes into production or it is put on the shelf indefinitely.

Here are a couple of before/after images that show the evolution of Peculiar PPL designs:

“We are Peculiar”
Peculiar Before and After

“Cut from a Different Type of Cloth”
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Peculiar PPL Build Doors
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Also, Peculiar PPL is one of the few companies that is centered around the needs of a specific group of people. I’ve segmented the population into “Peculiar” vs “Non-Peculiar” and then looked into all of the things that Peculiar would need.

Will Peculiar PPL products ever be sold out of big-box retailers?
My goal is to put the Peculiar products in locations that would reach the highest concentration of Peculiar people. Therefore, boutique stores are a better fit for the products.

How is Peculiar PPL currently doing?
Here are some statistics:
– Most customers submit three separate orders
– The average order size is two items
– 68% of customers have submitted a second order within 3 months of their first
– Orders have been shipped to the following international locations: Trinidad, Poland, Singapore and China.

What’s next?
More new products, new packaging, new retailers, partnerships.

Also, in the distant future: houses, cars, technology, creative services, food services, office supplies, rentals, management services, marketplaces, transportation, schools, charity causes, research and development laboratories and vacations.

Now that’s Peculiar!

The Reflection Collection – Product # 3

Peculiar PPL Dress Shirt

It is Saturday, September 15th at 3:45pm as I type this journal entry and I am airborne aboard JetSuite’s Embraer Phenom 100 jet. This is significant because JetSuite is not only the company that is making my quick weekend trip to Michigan a reality, but they are also the inspiration for my final Peculiar PPL dress shirt from my “Reflection Collection” series.

Onboard the Jet

It all started in September of 2009 when I became fascinated with the efficiency and convenience of private jets and I established a goal of owning one. After spending weeks extensively researching everything there is to know about private aviation, I decided on a starter jet for myself—the Embraer Phenom 100. I loved this plane because it was fuel efficient, large enough for me and 3 friends (+ 1 who can sit on the lavatory for the entire flight), and it could easily fly along the East coast without refueling. My heart was set on this jet so in order to make my goal feel more attainable, I created a mockup of how I envisioned my mine to look in the future.

Geremy's Personal Light Jet

Even though I looked at the mockup on a daily basis, it still seemed like a distant goal. I needed to see the jet in-person to make my goal feel more achievable. That’s when I sent an email to my assistant, requesting that he do some research to find as many Phenom 100 owners as possible. I ended up with a long list of Phenom 100 owners and I contacted them one-by-one, asking if I could buy them lunch and have an opportunity to view their jet. When I reached the letter “J” on the list I noticed that there was one name that that repeated itself several times—Jetsuite Air.

I must have spent about three hours on the JetSuite website, reading everything about the company, the employees and their Phenoms. I loved their innovativeness, unique business model and their willingness to take risks. I knew that I needed to experience everything in-person so I contacted the CEO to see if I could somehow get a chance to meet for a few minutes if I ever ended up in California. To my surprise, he said “yes” and 15 minutes later, I booked my flight. Not only was I going to get a chance to see a Phenom 100 in-person, I was also going to meet the CEO of the largest Phenom 100 fleet in the US! I also used this opportunity to purchase a flight from California to Las Vegas on the private jet, so I worked with an incredibly helpful charter sales manager to confirmed all of the details to make it happen. The entire trip was so great that I made a video outlining my experience, and then I made a second video highlighting the experience as my favorite moment of 2011.

From that day forth, I learned many things from watching JetSuite. After they had an minor (and rather public) mishap with one of their jets, I saw how the CEO handled the issue quickly used the publicity to grow the company larger and stronger. I learned about their innovativeness by becoming the first company to allow customers to initiate private jet bookings via Facebook at a deeply discounted price. Also, I learned about the art of masterful customer service from my experiences to date. All of these lessons have contributed to the way that I run my brand, Peculiar PPL, which they have publicly supported on their Facebook page.

Jetsuite Phenom 100

As mentioned in an earlier entry, the reflection collection shirts were created as a tribute to the products and companies that have played a significant role in shaping my preferences today, and for the reasons listed above JetSuite has made quite an impact on me. As a result, I’ve created a dress shirt that resembles the white, grey and red color scheme of the JetSuite Phenom 100 jet. In my eyes, if their jet was reincarnated into a dress shirt, it would look exactly like this one! This shirt is my favorite of the trio because of its contrasted colors on the inner sleeve, button holes, inner collar, and placket. Wearing the shirt reminds me of JetSuite and my goal of obtaining my own jet by 2015.

So right now as I breeze through the sky on a Phenom 100 jet, I can’t help but sit in amazement at the fact that a random fascination with private jets in 2009 has blossomed into the discovery of a great private jet company and the feeling being within arm’s length of accomplishing my goal of owning a private jet!

The Reflection Collection – Product # 2

Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection

I’ve hated Macs for years. It all started when I had to edit lengthy videos in Final Cut Pro and right before making my final cut, the program would close because of a “fatal error.” As a result, my many hours of hard work would be forever lost in an abyss of irretrievable work. When this happened, I would have no choice but to [figuratively] unleash my frustration on the PowerMac G4 computer, which resulted in me having a strong disdain for Macs. But then everything changed when I got an Apple G5 computer as a Christmas gift in 2004.

The iMac's Ports

The G5 computer came to me as a surprise gift from my dad (or Santa) and after spending long hours with it, I was in love. This love that I established for Apple grew exponentially over the next few years and I went on to purchase almost every product that they subsequently released. As of today, I own an 27″ iMac, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod Shuffle, and Airport Extreme, with future plans to purchase every single future Apple product that they release.

The iMac

Without these products, I wouldn’t have been able to edit millions of hours of video footage, start a media company, design this website, communicate with people, design clothing, etc, etc. Basically, I would not have been completely free to be a creative individual if it had not been for Apple products. These products contribute to my smooth-running, technology driven life and I strongly believe in Apple and any product that they release.

My second reflection collection product is a grey, striped dress shirt that is a reflection of the typical anodized aluminum & black color scheme of many of my Apple products. Additionally, all of my Apple products function well on their own, but are significantly better with the inclusion of one minor accessory. For example, the iPhone 4 is significantly better with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus case, the Macbook Pro is better with the Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones, and the iPad is better with a multi-function smart case. This philosophy is the same for the Peculiar PPL shirt— with addition of matching cufflinks on its french cuffs, the shirts appearance can be significantly better. As with all of my designs, the shirt has a high contrast inner cuff, square buttons, and a spread collar that looks amazing when paired with a tie (and tied in a double windsor knot).

This shirt is the second product in the Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection and if you’re unable to afford any of the Apple products, you can always purchase the shirt for a mere $44 and know that it was inspired by one of your favorite Apple products.

Next time, I will feature Product Number 3: The JetSuite Reflection

The Reflection Collection – Product # 1

Reflection Collection - Black and White

Fun fact: All Peculiar PPL t-shirts (beginning with the “Mr. Peter P. Peculiar” design) have included a reflection of my G-head logo in a hidden location on the shirt.
Funner fact: This week I released a new collection of premium dress shirts that I call “The Reflection Collection.”

Since I’m a peculiar person, I fit the profile of the target customer for my clothing brand, Peculiar PPL. As a result, I design all of the products to be a reflection and extension of me and my aesthetic desires. Most recently, I decided to expand the dress shirt product line to include three products that are a reflection of the things that have contributed to who I am. The resulting products were dress shirts that mirror the color schemes of significant products from three wonderful companies: Nike, Apple and JetSuite.

Product # 1: The Nike Air Force One Reflection

Growing up, I swooned over the Nike Air Force One sneaker because I’ve always loved the classic minimalism of the design and also all of the “cool kids” in elementary school owned pairs. When I was in third grade, I asked my mom to buy my first pair of Air Force One and her response was simple and effective— “hahahahahhahahahahhaha!!!!!!” The desire to own these sneakers gradually increased as time progressed and when I entered college, my desire peaked. For Christmas of 2005, I had one simple request: “I’d like the Nike Air Force One Premium Tuxedo Sneakers in size 12, please!” To my surprise, my mom crossed hell and high water, navigated through shady neighborhoods and managed to get the sneakers that her beloved son wanted. On that unforgettable Christmas morning, my world seemed to stop when I realized that I finally owned a pair of the elusive Air Force One sneakers that I adored from afar for over a decade!

Air Force One Tuxedos

I adored the fine craftsmanship of the sneaker and I fell in love. Not only did I fall in love, but I decided that I needed to own every single pair of Air Force Ones ever created from that point onward. Starting in 2006, I collected these sneakers and even set aside a weekly budget to ensure that I could purchase at least four pairs a month. As a result, my sneaker collection grew to include The Christmases, The Premium Alligator Skins, The Rasheeds, The Baseball Packs, The Untold Truths, The Escapes, The Camo’s, The Scarfaces, The Seersuckers, etc, etc, etc. By the time that I retired my Air Force One addiction, I’d amassed a collection of over 150 sneakers with a total value of over $18,000.

These sneakers made me appreciate fine craftsmanship and simplicity in its design while teaching me that any goal can be accomplished with the help of focus, tenacity, and [in this case] the support of family members.

The black and white Peculiar PPL Reflection Collection shirt is a reflection of this significant product in my life. It was designed to mimic the color scheme of the Nike AIr Force One Tuxedos with the same level of detail and quality that I originally discovered in the sneaker. The dress shirt has high-contrast black and white cues throughout and, most notably, black trim on the collar, placket and cuff to accent these elements. Even though the shirt would look great when worn with a formal tuxedo, it would look just as great if worn in a casual capacity with one of the most beautiful sneakers that I’ve ever owned—the sneaker that changed my world—the Nike Air Force One Tuxedos!

Next time, I will feature Product Number 2: The Apple Reflection.

I Received $400 to Keep an Aeron Chair!

Ever since I was a wee little lad, I’ve had desires for possessions that exceeded the money in my wallet. One of those possessions was the Herman Miller Aeron chair that I’ve wanted since 2001. When I realized that the chair cost $800+, I promptly added it to my ever-growing list of “Things That I Want, but My Wallet Won’t Let Me Buy.” Even though the chair was was out of sight, it never left my mind, especially when I worked long hours at my desk at home and experienced back pains from my value-quality office chair that I got for $59.99 + tax. Eventually I decided that I needed to give this seemingly unattainable product a home in my room and I started to pursue it. This is the story of how I was paid $400 to keep a brand new, fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

Hotel Empire

Back in June 2011, I took a mini vacation to a hotel in New York City to take a mental break from starting a new business, and as I sat in my hotel room, I had two goals:
1) Figure out a way of [legally] getting wifi without paying the exhorbitant fee
2) Devise a strategy to get an Aeron Chair for minimal money

I accomplished goal # 1 in ten minutes, but goal # 2 took a bit longer. My strategy was to use my negotiation skills to purchase three chairs at a deep discount, then I’d sell two chairs for enough profit to cover the cost of the third. This seemed like a very easy task until I realized the incredible demand for these chairs, as if they were personally crafted and sold by the King of Morocco. The sellers seemed to leave very little room for negotiation because the demand greatly exceeded the supply and this left me in a bind. The goal that I hoped to accomplish within one week proved to require a bit of patience to see a return. Unfortunately, patience isn’t my forte!

I stepped my search into high-gear and gave myself a deadline of two weeks to complete the mission. I used a website to inform me within seconds of any Aeron chair that was listed on Craigslist and whenever there was a new listing, I immediately contacted the seller to negotiate a deal before anyone else knew that the listing existed. This method proved to be successful, as I was able to purchase a total of three brand-new, fully-loaded, size “B” Aeron chairs with the posture fit add-on and a full warranty for a total of $700—a deal that would’ve otherwise cost me $2,607 if I purchased from Amazon.

My Beloved Aeron

Within three hours, I picked up my chairs and drove home looking like an office supply kleptomaniac, as they were awkwardly jam-packed in the backseat of my car. Soon after, I listed two of the chairs on Craigslist with a detailed description and many images at different angles. I found buyers for both chairs within a few weeks and eventually sold them for a total of $1,100.

My Beloved Aeron

In the end I was able to have my perfect dream chair plus $400 cash, by simply spending time devising a strategy and using a bit of effort. As a result of this, my back feels great when sitting in the chair for hours, and there are two other two happy people out there who are having the same comfortable seating experience as a result of my strategy that was birthed in a hotel room.