I Started A Dessert Company

In 2009 I wrote about how I was seeking people to fund my idea for a clothing line, but instead I felt like a “rejected entrepreneur.”  Then I spent the next year and a half trying to give the idea to an already established company because I wanted this clothing line to exist badly.  My idea was to give away the entire concept and then bankrolled the entire thing so that there would be no risk and they would definitely say yes, but boy was I wrong!  Everyone either ignored me or said no, so that’s when I learned to “build a door.”  

I took my own ideas and I started a clothing line called Peculiar PPL and the first product release was a t-shirt that featured many tiny characters building a door.  On the back of the shirt, it said “when opportunity doesn’t come knocking, Peculiar PPL build a door.”  Not only was I building my own door by starting the clothing line, but I used it to motivate others to build their own “doors.”  But a decade later, I found myself in the same predicament.  

I had an idea for a dessert company and I pitched it to several people with the promised to fund the entire thing.  Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately—everyone said no, so now I’ve decided that it’s time to build another door.   This week I am launching a beta test of a my new online dessert concept called “A Dessert Company, by Peculiar PPL.”  

A Dessert Company is an online shop that releases monthly surprises of high-quality, limited release, delicious treats shipped right to your door. The average person doesn’t have many pleasant surprises to look forward to every month, and most people rarely try new treats, so A Dessert Company was created to improve this. Every month, a high-quality dessert will be available for purchase for 7 days and after the orders are closed, the dessert will be prepared, packaged and shipped to you in the following 7 days. There are no options to choose from, everything is pre-sold, and every order is packaged with the intention of delighting you from the moment you open the box.

This online dessert concept will be a one month beta as we test everything to see if it is doable and sustainable.  Based on every calculation, strategic, and forecast, everything makes perfect sense, but not everything that makes sense on a paper also makes sense in the real-world.  If you would like to see it continue past month one, then you can place an order.

For the first dessert release, I’ve been working hard to reverse engineer the best cookie ever.  If you’ve been around me in the last year, I’ve most likely given you a cookie to taste and asked for your feedback.  I’ve looked at every recipe like a formula with a specific calculation to yield near-perfect results.  I’ve sampled many different chocolate chips, analyzed different cake flours, and measured the impact that a quarter-teaspoon of kosher salt has on enhancing sweet flavors without making things taste salty.  I’ve officially become a food nerd in order to launch the first product for A Dessert Company. 

The first (and hopefully not last) dessert release will be shipped before August 3rd and it will be four cookies. The flavors are chocolate chip, caramel, white chocolate chip, and “mixed”, and the four cookies cost $25 including shipping. 

On Friday, July 14, 2023 a Dessert Company will officially be open for orders at ADessertCompany.com and orders will close on July 24th at 11:59pm.  After that, cookies will ship by August 1st so everyone can have their desserts at the beginning of August to start their month with a notable dessert experience.  All items will ship via UPS (and USPS as a backup) so that it can get to you as quickly and freshly as possible. Also, if you want to be a nice human, then you can purchase a package of cookies for a friend and have it shipped directly to them from you! 

Also, if you’re wondering why is it called A Dessert Company by Peculiar PPL, it’s because it’s a dessert company by Peculiar PPL .