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Latest Impulse Buy: A Guinea Pig??

The New G'Pig

I went to Petco to buy some timothy hay for Tommy, our female guinea pig, but as I walked through the store I decided that Tommy needed a friend.  After spending time with each of the guinea pigs in the store, I decided to buy the black one with the white racing stripe going its face.  In addition, I bought a loft-style cage, extra food, bedding, a water bottle, and enough timothy hay to feed three bushels of guinea pigs.

Instead of spending $16 for the hay, I ended up spending $185 for the new gpig and its supplies…all so that Tommy can have another female friend to play with everyday.  I guess that this is the feeling that parents get when they’re willing to go to the ends of the earth for their child’s happiness!

The new gpig doesn’t have a name yet, but I am strongly considering the following:

  • KITT
  • Phrtl
  • Ohsnap!
  • L@via
  • Oh.

My New Macbook Pro: The Other Woman

The doctor told me that I had to stay off my feet for a while, which forced me to spend the greater portion of the week in bed. To make matters worse, my laptop’s graphics card caused kernel panics in the operating system, resulting in spontaneous crashes every few minutes. It was fine to go laptop-less for a day, but then my brain came up with an abundance of wonderful ideas that required the use of a computer to bring them to life. I had access to my work laptop and my iPad, but neither machine was powerful enough to run the programs that I needed, so I needed to find a solution as quickly as possible.

I mustered up enough footpower to [slowly] make it to the Apple store and I found out that my laptop would take about a week to fix. A LONG week! When I spoke to the Apple Genius about the urgency of implementing my thoughts, he relayed the story to the manager who approved an extended return policy for a new laptop. So I shelled out $2,900 for a laptop that I will use for the next few weeks until my computer is brought back to life. Now I’m obligated to implement at least one idea that will generate at least $3,000 to make this entire ordeal feel like it was worth it.

Macbook Pro Retina

So here she is. I call her, “The Other Woman.” I can’t ever let my other laptop know that this happened…I don’t want to make her jealous.

I Bought A Car Online: The Tesla Model S

I think it is often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition.

-Larry Page

When I was young, I learned that it’s best for me to set mega-ambitious goals and then work hard towards achieving them. So, as a car-guy and technology enthusiast (aka nerd), I set an aggressive goal in August of 2012 to purchase a fully-loaded, fully-electric Tesla Model S with within a year. Somehow—all credit to God—I took delivery of the vehicle on Tuesday, February 19th and I’ve been smiling ever since!

There are a few interesting things to note about my buying and ownership experience.
1) I ordered this car, configured it, paid for it, and signed the documents for it 100% online. As my biggest purchase outside of my college education and my house, this was terrifying. I had the thought in the back of my mind, “what if this is all an elaborate hoax in order to embezzle billions of dollars from early-adopters across the world?” I’m proud to report that this was not a hoax and the cars really do exist.

2) I am in disbelief that this car actually exists. A fast car that seats up to 7 people, costs about $15 a week to power, has a full-blown computer built-in, is whisper quiet, can be controlled via an iPhone app, and has automatic, retracting door handles. I feel like I’m a Jetson!

3) As of last week, I was the youngest person on the East Coast with a Model S. This is truly humbling and also hilarious. Whenever I park in a public place, I usually return to the vehicle to find many people standing around it and they are always surprised to find out that I am the owner. When I returned to my car from the barber shop this weekend, there were a few older men standing around the car. When I walked towards it, one man said, “if you work really hard, you can have a car like this someday!” I responded, “I agree!” Then I hopped in.

4) I can’t take much credit for the car. I am completely confident that it was 100% God who made this happen. Everything from the reservation process to the delivery of the car was incredibly smooth and stress-free for me. In fact, I received the car five months ahead of schedule, ended up paying 40% less in insurance and got a great deal on the sale of my former car all because of God! If I was able to do all of those things with my own power, I would rename myself to “GEREMY THE GREAT” and I would sell my seemingly-magical services.

With all of this said, I would like to introduce my newest addition to the world: My Tesla Model S with all of the bells and whistles**

Geremy's Tesla Model S

Geremy's Tesla Model S

Geremy's Tesla Model S

Geremy's Tesla Model S

Geremy's Tesla Model S

Geremy's Tesla Model S

** Except the 22″ wheels… which I must avoid because of NJ potholes. And the child seats… i’ll cross that bridge when I have a bunch of little Geremys running around!

My Beloved MacBook Pro Retina

Macbook Pro Retina

I purchased a MacBook Pro Retina on the day that it was released and it has changed my outlook on computers forever. I’ve always thought that my iMac was extremely fast because it had 12gb of memory and a monstrous i7 Processor, but then my mind was changed when I got the Macbook Pro Retina and I experienced its supersonic speed. There have been times when my MacBook processed my thoughts before I even opened the lid. The only computer faster than my MacBook (by a marginal amount) is IBM’s “Watson.” The MacBook Pro Retina has made me smarter because I’ve needed to upgrade the speed of my brain to keep up with it. If computers got speeding tickets for going too fast, my MacBook’s license would’ve been suspended three months ago.**

I guess what I’m saying is that I like my new laptop very much and if anyone is in the market for a laptop that rivals the speed of the average human brain, this is the exact machine that you’re looking for! It’s expensive though, so you might have to sell an arm, a leg and your second-born child to get it…like I did.

** Some statements exaggerated a tiny bit

My name is GEREMY

Six months ago, I purchased the domain name to protect myself from impostors, in the event that I rapidly rise to fame and people want to exploit my online identity**. After the domain sat dormant for six months, I decided that I should use the vacant online space to display arbitrary facts and details about myself.

At first, the webpage was very basic with a few bullet points containing useless facts and figures (like the length of my left pinky toe), but then I started to get ideas on how to improve the basic concept. After some late-night iterations and revisions, I now have an improved one-page personal website that contains quotes that I live by, my educational background, an interactive graph using “interest units” as a form of measurement and a timeline of my various business pursuits since I was nine years old.

Although this website is not intended to serve any purpose other than to occupy a domain name, I enjoyed working on it and I will periodically update it as time progresses!

Visit to see the outcome of my late-night OCD.

** I realize that the likelihood of this is ~ 0.000000000001%, but better safe than sorry!