Peculiar PPL on the way!

Two years ago I wrote about my half-baked idea of establishing a clothing and lifestyle brand. Soon after introducing this idea, I put it on hold and shelved it with my many other un-pursued business ideas. Then recently after looking for clothing that suited me, I realized that there was a severe lack of high-quality, high-value products that appealed to me. I then decided to contact a few established clothing companies in an attempt to collaborate to produce goods that suit my standards, but I was turned down multiple times because I’m not a well-known name in the marketplace.

Since I live based on the principle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door,” I am building a brand called “Peculiar PPL” (pronounced Peculiar People).

Peculiar PPL is a fine apparel line that features high-quality, limited-release apparel that exceeds my already high standards. Best of all, this brand is in the very early stages of being created, which means that you are able to travel down the road to creation with me and see everything happen in realtime. I have hired a few key, talented individuals who are working with me during every stage of the process leading up to the official launch on March 19, 2011!

With high goals and a tight deadline, I will be getting minimal sleep during the next few weeks but the ending product will make everything more than worth it! Feel free to track my progress on and major developments will be shared in detail on!

  1. February 19, 2011 - Reply

    I will definitely be looking out for it one question though do u have any things for ladies because ladies are pecuilar too

  2. February 19, 2011 - Reply

    Most definitely! I’ve got the ladies covered….covered with peculiar clothing!

  3. August 9, 2011 - Reply

    […] Launching a product line of Peculiar goods. In addition, designing and releasing nine new products within three months of opening. Also, receiving an offer to have these goods sold in a NY boutique store. […]