2015 Geremology.com Awards

Before we go any further into 2016, I wanted to take a final look back at 2015 in the first annual “Geremology.com Awards.” This online awards ceremony is to recognize stellar and noteworthy things in my life that contributed to a successful year. And the winners are…

Best Purchase
A Personal Assistant Service
In 2012 I signed up for a personal assistant service to complete the tedious tasks that made me want to rip out the tiny strands of hair on my head. Throughout the years, this service has become such an integral part of my life that I would be lost without it. The personal assistant service wins the title for best purchase because it has saved me quite a bit of time and money while allowing me to focus on things that are a better use of my time and efforts.

    A few of my favorite completed tasks:

  • Booked rental cars for every flight I’ve taken, and arranged to have the cars waiting for me plane-side upon landing
  • Found a milk company to deliver fresh glass-bottled milk to my door for the same price as buying milk from the supermarket
  • Tracked down my watch that I lost at the TSA airport security and had it shipped to my house
  • Found a brand new stove for 80% less than the original price
  • Paid my parking ticket after I texted them a picture of it

To get yourself a personal assistant service like mine, check out FancyHands.com

Best Moment
Quitting my job
I enjoyed my job as a Manager of Executive Coaching and accomplished some pretty amazing things for the almost 10 years that I worked there, but the day that I quit was the happiest moment of my year…maybe my decade. It wasn’t due to bad feelings towards anyone or anything, but it was because I was able to start a new chapter of life from scratch. I’ve watched Steve Jobs’ commencement address a few times, but there was one thing he said that didn’t fully resonate with me until I resigned. He said, “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.

All my life, I felt like I’ve been following a typical roadmap that just kind of ended. The roadmap went like this:
1) [While in Trinidad] Make it to America so you can go to a good school
2) I made it to America, now work hard in school to make it to a good college
3) I made it to a good college, now work hard to get a good job
4) I made got a good job, now work hard to get a good promotion
5) I got a good promotion, now work hard to make a lot of money to buy a nice house and car
6) I bought a nice house and car, now…

It seemed like everything just slowed down from there. I wasn’t ready to get married and have kids who would repeat the entire process, and I knew that there was more to life. So I took a jump of faith and eliminated the security of a full time job in order to put all of my efforts into the things that would bring me the future that I wanted. This moment became the best moment of my year and it has led me to living a more fulfilled life.

Best Trip
Dubai, UAE

The week before my trip to Dubai was my final week as a full-time employee at my job. I didn’t plan to take a vacation immediately after, but as serendipity would have it, the schedule worked out perfectly. I flew to Dubai, contemplated the next steps of my life and for the first time that I remember, I felt free of the weights and stresses of work and school. I felt like my future was a blank sheet of paper and I had the freedom to create anything that I’d like. Witnessing the massive amount of affluence in Dubai caused me to elevate my entire way of thinking and it was the perfect springboard for the next chapter of life.

Dubai Trip Summary # 1
Dubai Trip Summary # 2
Dubai Trip Summary # 3

Best Creation
The Peculiar PPL Cell Phone Case
"Forever Peculiar" iPhone Case

The Peculiar PPL Cell Phone case has been my favorite creation of the year. It was the first product to have the new Peculiar PPL “Reaching for the Stars” logo on it, it was a new product category for Peculiar PPL, it functioned extremely well by preventing my phone from getting multiple scuffs, and it was well-received by the many people who purchased one. In 2016, I plan on releasing a few additional designs, like the one pictured above.

Best Book
Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World
In 2015 I read a lot of great books, but my favorite was “Bold” by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. My life’s goal is to positively change the world, and the book addressed the ways that this can be done andwhy many more people should have the same desire. Here are a handful of my favorite quotes in the book:

  • “If you want the largest increase in motivation and productivity, then big goals lead to the best outcomes. Big goals significantly outperform small goals, medium-sized goals, and vague goals.”
  • “Either disrupt yourself or be disrupted by someone else.”
  • “The world’s grandest challenges contain the world’s biggest business opportunities.”
  • “Without the right mindset, entrepreneurs have absolutely no chance of success.”

Now it’s time to proceed to 2016 where even more amazing things will continue to happen. Lots and lots of amazing things!

2014 Reflections, 2015 Projections

Farewell, 2014! You were wonderful! I met a lot of wonderful new people, released two additional Peculiar PPL products, traveled to 6 states, moved into my own place, launched Certified Peculiar, went to my first annual shareholders meeting, went to the top of the Empire State Building, saw a few theatre productions, gave a few public speeches/lessons, went rafting, and took a few day trips. But when I looked back on Geremology.com, the majority of these moments weren’t captured in the measly 14 posts for the year! That’s when I had to pull myself aside and say, “Geremy…you’ve got to do better, bro!”

In 2015, I’ve not only committed to capturing more moments on Geremology.com than before, but I’ve also committed to having the best year ever! This year I will travel more than ever, meet more people than ever before, experience more fun things than ever, grow Peculiar PPL bigger than ever, fly on a private jet more than ever, and experience more personal growth than I ever have in the past!

Geremology.com 2015 Redesign

I wanted a nice canvas for all future entries, so I went ahead and redesigned the site into a more minimalistic format. Feel free to look around and become acquainted with things because new entries will be flying at you quicker than that shoe flew towards George W’s face that one time.

Welcome to my New Year! I hope you all come along on the journey with me on Geremology.com while you initiate wonderful journeys of your own! As Walt Disney said, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!” Happy 2015 all!

Bought a Tesla Model S? Let Me Help!

This post is for the .0000007% of the earth’s population who own a Tesla Model S.

The people as Tesla put together a brilliant vehicle with lots of hidden features (like the ability to play any song in the world), but it can be a daunting task for a new Model S owner to find all of these things. This is why I have gathered a list of the best not-so-widely-known vehicle features and have committed to host and update the file on this site indefinitely for anyone to review and become acquainted with their car.

So don’t cry, new Model S owner…I am here to help you become familiar with your new computer system on wheels!  Navigate to
Geremology.com/tesla and enjoy the journey of exploring your new spaceship!

** Many thanks to the Tesla Motors Club for providing the content for the document! **

Geremology.com Redesign

7/13 - Geremology.com Redesign

After eleven months with the last design, I’ve launched a newer, fresher, cleaner Geremology.com redesign for the next generation of the site. Have a look around as I tie up the loose ends and prepare to move forward!


New Geremology.com Redesign

Geremology.com Redesign - 08/2012

At 10:27pm on my 27th birthday (Friday, August 3rd) I launched the redesign for Geremology.com. The new design is meant to be minimalistic, yet useful with a strong emphasis placed on the content over design. Here are a few useful features built into the latest version of the site:

  • Search- With eight years of content housed on the site, I wanted specific entries to be easier to find. If you wanted to find the entry about when I bought a watch that doesn’t tell time, simply search for “doesn’t tell time” and BOOM…the entry magically appears!
  • Retina Displays- I have all of the devices that Apple makes with a retina display and it irks me when I visit websites and the graphics appear fuzzy. As a result I wanted to ensure that the graphics appear as crisp as possible. Unfortunately this meant that I have to go through every single entry and modify the HTML code for every image. Currently the process is about 70% complete and the site should be 100% retina ready by 8/18.
  • Mobile Devices- Recently I found out that there are approximately 4.2 billion people with a toothbrush in the world, which pales in comparison to the 4.8 billion people with a mobile device. To me, this showed the importance of having a mobile-ready website nowadays. Whether you’re on the 27″ iMac with 2560 x 1440 resolution, or the iPod Touch, first generation, the website will automatically reformat the page to give you the best experience. Side note: If you do not own a toothbrush, please get one ASAP…you’ll thank me later!
  • Studio- The studio page has been fully redesigned and it now contains links to the journal entry for each project, project summaries, and videos that are viewable on both mobile devices and standard computer browsers.

These are just a few of the changes that have been implemented with this latest redesign and I am still making changes and tweaks as I see how the user’s experience unfolds. Besides the odd image formatting on the older entries, if you notice anything that doesn’t work as it should, please drop me an email at geremy@geremology.com and I’ll be forever grateful…I might even name my firstborn child after you!

Laptop Died

Laptop died, which threw off the whole proposed posting schedule. The geniuses at the Apple Store were able to revive it and now I have it back in my possession to resume posting. Entries coming soon!


Please excuse my radio silence over the past few weeks, but I have a couple of new developments to share with you all in the very near future. I’m extremely excited to show what I’ve been working on and what I’ve been up to!

For now, I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to have my own island, so I created a rendering of what my island would look like!


…one day!

New Year, New Gear!

I’m incredibly excited about 2011 because I am completely confident that this year will usher in great things. Instead of an exhaustive list of resolutions, I just have one resolution that I am sticking with–to be fully committed to my passions. Of course, I have many goals that some will consider to be lofty and unattainable (like chartering a private jet at least once this year), but every single goal has the same underlying theme of being committed to my passions.

Since 2002, one of my passions since has been my online journal to document my thoughts and experiences. In order to signal the dawning of a new day, I (with the help of my assistant) will be digging into the archives to locate and republish every single journal entry that I’ve ever written. This task will be complete by the end of this month and will be viewable in the archives category of this site. This is just the start of great things…

Happy 2011, and may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrow’s!

The G-Head Logo


If you’ve been around these parts recently, you might have noticed that I tend to use my G-head graphic on everything, but you might not be familiar with the graphic’s backstory. Sit back and relax as I share the very revealing tale of the Geremy G.

I’ve had a massive head since the day of my birth–so large that my mom had to have a C-section to deliver me. From the age of five years old to my current age of twenty five years old, my head hasn’t grown an inch–my body only grew around it.

Baby Geremy Head

My massive head got me into lots of issues when growing up. When I was a toddler my head messed up my body’s center of gravity, which resulted in repeated trips and bruises. One day at the age of four I lost my balance, fell down the staircase head first and landed on my teeth. This caused me to lack my two front teeth from the age of four until I was 13 years old. When I started school, all of the kids used to cheat off my exam because they assumed that my adult-sized head had an adult-sized brain inside, which made me appear as a genius. I was known as the little kid with the BIG head until the age of 10, which was when my misspelled name took the focus of my classmates.

Beginning in fifth grade every kid thought that he/she was an expert speller, which caused them to spell-check everything including my name. When I was born my parents decided to spell my name with a G because my older sister’s name also began with a G and they wanted to stay consistent. Little did they know, this would be the cause of ridicule for the majority of my adolescent years. The school kids would always tell me “you’re spelling your name WRONG,” because apparently they were linguistic experts who were masters at the art of name-spelling. To make things worse, whenever we had a substitute teacher he/she would take attendance and call me “GER-ME,” which caused the entire classroom to erupt in laughter. I hated the G.

Fast-forward to my college years when I began to understand the power of branding and I sought a logo to serve as my graphic signature. I decided to pair the two things that I always viewed as a negative in an attempt to use the law of double-negatives to create a positive. Since the introduction of the G-head 2004 I have been parading it around the internet and it will continue to be exhibited for the world to see for many years to come! Having a big head and a misspelled name has never been so great!