The G-Head Logo


If you’ve been around these parts recently, you might have noticed that I tend to use my G-head graphic on everything, but you might not be familiar with the graphic’s backstory. Sit back and relax as I share the very revealing tale of the Geremy G.

I’ve had a massive head since the day of my birth–so large that my mom had to have a C-section to deliver me. From the age of five years old to my current age of twenty five years old, my head hasn’t grown an inch–my body only grew around it.

Baby Geremy Head

My massive head got me into lots of issues when growing up. When I was a toddler my head messed up my body’s center of gravity, which resulted in repeated trips and bruises. One day at the age of four I lost my balance, fell down the staircase head first and landed on my teeth. This caused me to lack my two front teeth from the age of four until I was 13 years old. When I started school, all of the kids used to cheat off my exam because they assumed that my adult-sized head had an adult-sized brain inside, which made me appear as a genius. I was known as the little kid with the BIG head until the age of 10, which was when my misspelled name took the focus of my classmates.

Beginning in fifth grade every kid thought that he/she was an expert speller, which caused them to spell-check everything including my name. When I was born my parents decided to spell my name with a G because my older sister’s name also began with a G and they wanted to stay consistent. Little did they know, this would be the cause of ridicule for the majority of my adolescent years. The school kids would always tell me “you’re spelling your name WRONG,” because apparently they were linguistic experts who were masters at the art of name-spelling. To make things worse, whenever we had a substitute teacher he/she would take attendance and call me “GER-ME,” which caused the entire classroom to erupt in laughter. I hated the G.

Fast-forward to my college years when I began to understand the power of branding and I sought a logo to serve as my graphic signature. I decided to pair the two things that I always viewed as a negative in an attempt to use the law of double-negatives to create a positive. Since the introduction of the G-head 2004 I have been parading it around the internet and it will continue to be exhibited for the world to see for many years to come! Having a big head and a misspelled name has never been so great!