Bought a Tesla Model S? Let Me Help!

This post is for the .0000007% of the earth’s population who own a Tesla Model S.

The people as Tesla put together a brilliant vehicle with lots of hidden features (like the ability to play any song in the world), but it can be a daunting task for a new Model S owner to find all of these things. This is why I have gathered a list of the best not-so-widely-known vehicle features and have committed to host and update the file on this site indefinitely for anyone to review and become acquainted with their car.

So don’t cry, new Model S owner…I am here to help you become familiar with your new computer system on wheels!  Navigate to and enjoy the journey of exploring your new spaceship!

** Many thanks to the Tesla Motors Club for providing the content for the document! **

  1. October 18, 2013 - Reply

    A good car to buy. The range is amazing and we are waiting for the low-cost model also… I would guess that no one would like to buy a gas car after using this…