The Infinity Piece

Recently I purchased a watch that doesn’t tell time. Yes, you read that right– my newest watch has no arms, no numbers, no moving parts and no battery! Ever since purchasing it I’ve been getting weird looks from people who assume that time appears from a hidden LCD screen, but they couldn’t be more wrong. My watch doesn’t have any super powers, but it does have a very important symbolism behind it.

Allow me to get deep for a minute as I philosophically explain my timepiece…

My Timepiece

In learning about leadership, I found out that there are two types of time: chronos time, which is chronological and finite, and the kairos time, which is based on your appointed and opportune moment. Traditional watches serve as reminders of the chronological time and it naturally prompts individuals to count-down the minutes remaining before a particular event occurs. My timepiece, called the “Infinity Piece,” serves a reminder of the kairos time and it prompts me to not be constrained by the chronos when pursuing something great.

Also, this watch also has the magical power to elicit a bewildered look on the face of anyone who is unfamiliar with my peculiar ways. It creates nonstop entertainment for me when I am in public and individuals catch a glimpse of the watch that doesn’t tell time. While getting my laptop repaired in the Apple store today, a man stared at my watch for about five minutes as his face grew increasingly confused. When my repair was finished, his face looked like he just saw Elvis Presley reveal himself in the form of a moonwalking groundhog, and it was hilarious for me to observe.

While this watch doesn’t have any super powers on its own, my hope is that this infinity piece leads me to strive for greatness this year. If it doesn’t, then the puzzled looks that I get from strangers will make it worth its weight in solid plutonium!