The Super Peculiar Factory

When I had the idea to create a family of Peculiar PPL companies, I pictured a factory that produces businesses instead of products. This vision gave birth to the idea of “The Peculiar PPL Factory,” a concept that produces a uniform family of businesses with a common identity, vision, and approach. While this isn’t an actual, physical factory, it produces real businesses that deliver tangible products and services.

Here’s the process for The Peculiar Factory:

Step 1: Build the Factory
While creating Peculiar PPL, a small “factory” was built that focused on the four core aspects of business: marketing, technology, operations, and development. By focusing on these areas, Peculiar PPL was able to excel at developing products, marketing the products, designing the IT infrastructure, and delivering orders.

Step 2: Build a Bigger Factory
As time progressed, we became better at more things, which allowed us to expand the metaphorical factory. As a result, Peculiar PPL added strategic, legal, people, and finance expertise to its capabilities. This resulted in a bigger, better, more capable factory.

Step 3: Build More Businesses
After achieving excellence in the 8 key functional areas, it is now time to build other businesses. Raw ideas will enter one side of the factory, and after applying the 8 areas of expertise, the idea will be developed into a business with a consistent look and feel.

But we’re not going to be stingy and keep all of the things that we’ve learned to ourselves. In addition to developing ideas into businesses, we will also help other businesses start and grow by granting them access to the Peculiar factory. As long as the company aligns with our vision to equip and inspire Peculiar people, then we want to help!

Peculiar PPL will make better companies, and make companies better!

If you would like to join this pursuit, email It’s going to be a fun ride with more to come!