Peculiar PPL Updates – 11/2012

I could write about Peculiar PPL all day, everyday, but I’ll spare you from having to read it all…except this one time. In this journal entry, I will answer a few Peculiar PPL related questions:

What is “Peculiar PPL”?
Peculiar PPL is a brand that provides the products and services to enable Peculiar people to be effective.

Who are these “Peculiar People” that you speak of?
Peculiar People are the leaders and influencers of society. My life’s goal is to positively impact the world and society as a whole, so I plan to do this by adding value to Peculiar people who multiply value to others.

What makes Peculiar PPL special?
Among other things, I’m obsessed with making great products.. The average Peculiar product takes 3 to 4 months of development with multiple design iterations before its release.

With a typical product design, I spend approximately 200 hours obsessing over the placement of every single glyph, letter, line and the size of every graphical element. After the design is near-final, I load the design onto my iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV and stare at it for a long time week to see how it resonates with me from different viewpoints at different points in the day. After criticizing and adjusting the design elements, the product either goes into production or it is put on the shelf indefinitely.

Here are a couple of before/after images that show the evolution of Peculiar PPL designs:

“We are Peculiar”
Peculiar Before and After

“Cut from a Different Type of Cloth”
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Peculiar PPL Build Doors
Peculiar PPL Before / After

Also, Peculiar PPL is one of the few companies that is centered around the needs of a specific group of people. I’ve segmented the population into “Peculiar” vs “Non-Peculiar” and then looked into all of the things that Peculiar would need.

Will Peculiar PPL products ever be sold out of big-box retailers?
My goal is to put the Peculiar products in locations that would reach the highest concentration of Peculiar people. Therefore, boutique stores are a better fit for the products.

How is Peculiar PPL currently doing?
Here are some statistics:
– Most customers submit three separate orders
– The average order size is two items
– 68% of customers have submitted a second order within 3 months of their first
– Orders have been shipped to the following international locations: Trinidad, Poland, Singapore and China.

What’s next?
More new products, new packaging, new retailers, partnerships.

Also, in the distant future: houses, cars, technology, creative services, food services, office supplies, rentals, management services, marketplaces, transportation, schools, charity causes, research and development laboratories and vacations.

Now that’s Peculiar!