Corporate Naptime Experiment: UNSUCCESSFUL

I was supposed to nap everyday during luncthime. I was supposed to feel re-invigorated in the middle of the day. I was supposed to catch my second wind after my naptime.

But I couldn’t because naptime never happened.

On Monday during lunchtime I had to pick up a check from an office five towns away from work. On Tuesday I went home and started preparing for sleep when I was greeted by my dad who had a long contract for me to read and sign. On Wednesday and Thursday my sister was home sick and I had to buy “comfort food” to help her feel better. On Friday I went out with the team at work for lunch.

My conclusion: A mid-day napping break doesn’t work for people like me, with many things on my to-do list and limited time to complete the tasks. I officially deem mid-day naptime impossible for me; thereby abolishing it from my life forevermore.