I call this 17 x 14 space…THE LAB

It was 2007 and shortly after I graduated college I was filled with tremendous zeal and motivation. My parents were out of the country and I badly wanted an office to call my own. That’s when I removed all of the furniture from our house den and purchased a van-load of furniture to transform the room into my new office. When my parents returned home and saw it, they said “oh, okay.”

The Former Office

From 2007 until recently, this space served as my home office. Many ideas came out of here and I used it as an area to focus on important projects. It was a great environment because it was in a really nice room with french doors, recessed lighting and berber carpet—it seemed perfect, but it had its downsides! I realized that having an office in the house was more of a distraction than a benefit. Often times, I would start editing a six hour long wedding video and then I would have to stop to help my brother with homework, or I would hear an interesting TV program blasting in the background. I knew that I needed to find another space if I wanted to get things done.

The New Lab

That’s when I turned my attention on my income property and decided to renovate one of the rooms in a vacant apartment to be my new office. The room is 238 square feet and now has new windows, its own heating zone, built-in wall speakers, a separate entrance, new carpet and a fresh coat of paint. After the mini-renovation was done, I sat there and thought “my God… it’s…..it’s beautiful,” as a single tear rolled from my left eye.

The New Lab

The New Lab

The New Lab

Soon after the space was complete, I got a white leather sofa, an ikea relaxing chair and a desk and I set-up-shop in my new spot. After spending a few days here, I know that many great things will be coming out of here and I know that it will open up a world of new possibilities!

The space shall henceforth be called “THE LAB!”

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