I Just Ate 可怕食物!!!!!

This weekend my peoples and I went to a Chinese food market to purchase random foods for taste testing. This experiment was especially scary because none of the words on the foods’ packaging were in English. There were questionable foods which were brightly colored and vacuum packed with a smiling orange dragon on the packaging. The packages did not give any inkling of a hint about what the food might be and I was nervous.

We left the store with $70 worth of stuff and then we retreated back to the car to taste each food. Most of the foods were sweet and tasty, but there was one item that tasted like curdled soymilk and astroturf. This food had a marshmellowy look and a pretzely texture and, worst of all, when I chewed it it bit me back. I promptly spit this faux-dessert out of my mouth and moved onto the next item.

All-in-all everything tasted alright at best. It was a good experience that I will probably never do again, since I probably endangered my life by possibly eating Ancient Chinese Preserved Dragon.