I would like to give thanks for: My Cooking Skillzzzzzzz

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope that your day was filled with the joyous consumption of our formerly feathered friends.

Unlike previous Thanksgivings, I decided to honor the people in my family with the pleasure of being able to taste the many masterpieces that I am able to create in the kitchen. While my mom started making the turkey (cooking it, not giving birth to it) I made the potato salad. I used a ruler and my award-winning precision to cut each potato block into perfect 5cm x 5cm squares so that there would be an equal ratio of potato-ey goodness in every bite. If I had to summarize the potato salad in one word, it would be mind-blowingly-mackadocious.

Since I mastered the art of the potato salad, I went on to make a macaroni pie. I grated the cheese ever so gently, and made sure that only the finest cheeses made it into the pie. The macaroni pie took a lot of time to make, but it was worth every second of my time.

I had some spare time after the pie and I wanted to try my hand at dessert, so I tried to bake a cake, but just like my past endeavors with baking, the cake didn’t turn out so well. I don’t know what happened. I followed the instructions on the box, put in exactly enough ingredients, but my cake still ended up tasting like flour, wood and a 9 volt battery.

Thanksgiving as a whole went well for the family. The five of us sat at the table and filled our plates with the many pounds of food that was laid out on the table. Personally, I packed my plate with everything (except the cholesteroleriffic lasagna) and I ate until I was in danger of tearing my stomach lining. After I was happy and filled with food, the idea for the next website redesign came to me, so I had to sketch it down immediately.

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That picture won’t make sense to anyone but me, so its purpose is to let you see what’s going on inside my mind.

I doubt that your Thanksgiving was as good as mine because you didn’t have GEREMY as your chef, but I hope that it went well anyway.