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Idiotarod 2006

Last Saturday I went to NY to see a dogsled race, nicknamed “Idiotarod”, but instead of dogs there were people, and instead of sleds there were shopping carts. I left NJ at 1:30pm and sped to New York in an attempt to get to the starting line at 2:30 to take some pictures. Two hours later I was lost in the Bronx and had no idea where to turn.

I decided to head home, but then I was stuck in traffic. I was tired, hungry, and angry, but just when I thought that I was going to erupt, a blue-haired pseudo-transvitite, equipped with a handlebar moustache drove a cart past my car, screaming “WHOO-HOO!!!!” at the top of his/her lungs.

I found it!

Click here to see my pictures from the event

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