Limping Plane Tour

Two days after suffering my tremendously painful basketball injury, I went to look at a couple of private jets to keep my eyes on the prize. Since I am going to own my own jet by the year 2015, I like to spend as much time as I can in the presence of different types jets so I can become familiar with the in’s and out’s of private jet ownership.

When I arrived at airfield I hobbled from jet to jet and climbed up the seemingly-neverending flight of 5 steps as pain rushed through my body, originating from my injured right foot. As I sat in and admired each jet’s cabin, I was constantly interrupted by the excruciating feeling of utter pain that bounced around in my body. Eventually after seeing six jets and almost melting to a puddle of pain in the 95 degree weather, I dragged my sweltering body and injured foot to my car and left three hours ahead of schedule.

Although my experience was extremely abbreviated, I was able to shoot just enough footage to compile a 30 second video that I will drool over for months and years to come.