My First and Only Walking Adventure Ever

Prior to my California Trip my legs and feet had two purposes: 1) roundhouse kicking my assailants, and 2) transporting my body from buildings to my car. After my 8.5+ mile walk last Wednesday, I’m happy to report that for the third time ever, my feet were used as my primary and sole means of transportation.

While in Los Angeles, I decided not to rent a car or use public transportation to get around–instead, I walked everywhere, like a 13th century colonizer. Even though the last 2 miles of the walk became painful because I wore “look at me, I’m cool” sneakers instead of walking sneakers, I persevered and had a wonderful experience.

A few of my encounters are pictured below:

Bape Store
The Bathing Apes Store

The Lost Ex-Cowboy/Indian
“The Indian Settler who Wandered too Far”

Custom Sidewalk

Guarding the Water Fountain
This man’s job is to stand there and guard the water. Easiest. Job. Ever.

Oh Christmas Tree!

The Roaring 70's

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt
Although we have this frozen yogurt chain in New York, I’ve never visited it until visiting California. I love it!

Pinkberry Toppings
Pinkberry toppings

My Pinkberry Friend
Miss Pinkberry.

Johnny Cupcakes Store
I visited the Johnny Cupcakes clothing store (fronted as a bakery) on Melrose Ave and immediately became amazed at the level of detail that was put into this store by the young owner, Johnny Earle.

The wall had a nice artistic display of over 25 ovens that randomly opened and shot steam into the air

Johnny Cupcakes Frosting
There was artificial frosting spewing from actual pipes onto the clothing display refrigerators, and a giant replica of a stove int he back of the store that led to the clothing stockroom.

Johnny Cupcakes Frosting
Also, the employees brought the t-shirts out on serving trays, as if they were serving cupcakes to their customers. Brilliant.

All photos can be located in the California ’09 Flickr Photo Set