My New Petit Castle

After signing thirty trillion pieces of paper in my lawyer’s office on Thursday, I became the new owner of a two family house that’s coincidentally directly across the street from my childhood home. Strangely enough, a lot of my free childhood moments were spent by me wishing that I was the owner of that house because it was the nicest on the block. Also coincidentally, my dad owns the three multifamily houses directly across the street from mine. The ultimate goal is for me to own one side of the street and for my dad to own the other side then we will rename the street “Geremy Blvd” and I will rule as emperor, wearing a gold and blue crown.

Even though I own a home, I have no plans in the immediate future to move out of my parents’ house. I very much enjoy living in a one-family house where my job is within 3 minutes of my front door, my “corporate headquarters” is within 30 barefootsteps of my bedroom, a pool (with a large dirt trench around it) is in the backyard and living expenses are minimal. Besides, I spend very little time at home each day and it makes more sense, financially, for me to live at home. I don’t live with my parents, they’re my roommates and we’re just hangin out!

Although the house is nice and was remodeled in January ’07, I am a semi-perfectionist and need everything to be near-perfect prior to anyone moving in; therefore, I have the following updates planned for the next two weeks:

  • Repaint all apartments in Yolo Colorhouse color “Air 02” with white trim
  • Change all carpet throughout the house
  • Change all door locks throughout the house
  • Powerwash the front of the house
  • Change all mailboxes…I dislike ugly mailboxes
  • Change all lightbulbs…I love light!
  • Replace all of the huge steam-operated heaters to nice, neat, sleek electric baseboard heaters with new thermostats
  • Replace faucets in the kitchen
    Deadline: July 28th! – This should be a very interesting week!

My body is crying out for a rest, but my brain is saying “NO! WORK WORK WORK!!!”

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