My Stellar Kids

When my brother was 5, I hated going to his little league games because the parents would sit in the stands and boast about how their kid was better than everyone else’s. I’d cringe and try to ignore the stories about how Little Timmy is only three years old and already knows how to rebuild a transmission from a 1963 Chevy Nova. Stop talking about your son, Dianne!!!

Well, now I’m Dianne and I’m here to boast about my kids!

When I say “my kids,” I don’t mean kids that I’ve birthed from my own birth canal.  I am referring to the teenage kids in my youth group who I teach life and empowerment lessons to every week. These kids are absolutely amazing and I’m immensely proud of them because they’ve done some stellar things.

While they’re all amazing, I just want to highlight the recent accomplishments of a few of them. Three of them were not only accepted into every single college that they applied to, but they’ve also received merit scholarships from every school. There is another who earned the leading singing and acting roles in her high school musical. There is also another who decided to randomly buy gift cards for everyone in the class out of the goodness of their heart. There is another who became a near-expert at operating studio production video cameras within a matter of weeks! Impressively, the majority of them have either gotten honor-roll or high honor-roll and are incredibly respectful and ambitious.

Much to my mom’s chagrin, I haven’t given her grandkids yet (with no plans of having kids anytime soon), but while I’m without an army of mini-Geremy’s, I’ve got these amazing kids. Each of their parents do an amazing job to raise them and maximize their opportunities in life, and I’m happy that I’m able to witness their growth and root them on. We meet every Friday to talk about life-lessons, meet on Sunday mornings for breakfast, and we go on outings every few months. Over the next few months we’re going horseback riding, doing a scavenger hunt, going to the movies, and going to an amusement park, and I’m looking forward to every single opportunity to be their biggest cheerleader.

I’m immensely proud of what they’ve done and what they will continue to accomplish!