Scantron Antics

How is it possible that the first 7 questions of my test has the answer “C?” Even stranger, how is it possible for the answers to numbers 14 through 17 to spell “BABE??” Even stranger, how can numbers 20 through 31 have “A” as an answer???

He’s trying to drive me nuts, that’s the reason.

My professor designed my midterm exam to drive me nuts and it worked all too well. During the test, I sat at my desk second guessing the answers that I knew were right. Since I figured that no professor was mean enough to do this to his students, I changed a few of my correct answers to other letters to add some variation.

I ended up getting a B+ instead of an A because of my professor’s dirty antics. Thanks to a cruel joke, I may be rejected for that job, or turned down for that credit line, or be rejected for home financing all because I got a B+ instead of an A. Hope you had your fun, Professor, because my life is (possibly) ruined!