She Died in My Arms

This experience happened to me on October 21st and now I’m finally calm enough to write about it.

There she was, sitting on my lap while I did my work. I was good, she was good, we were all good and everything was going very well. I gently picked her up and rested her on a nearby chair as I quietly exited the room to run a quick errand. When I returned to the room, I ushered her back onto my lap but then it dawned on me that she was dead.

I panicked because I’ve never been through something like this before. I’ve had dead fish, dead plants and even dead battery, but I’ve never this! I calmly left the room and stepped into the hall with her in my arms as I called a support line that should have instructed me how to bring her back to life, but their instructions were to no avail. I suddenly realized that she might be dead for good– my prized possession– my Macbook Pro!

Later in the day I rushed to the nearest emergency room (Apple Store) as I urgently beckoned for the doctors (technicians) to revive her (make it work again). The nurse (Apple technician) saw the look of urgency on my face and quickly called for their head doctor (lead Mac Technician) to take a look at her. The doc (technician) brought her into the intensive care unit (workbench) and did a quick diagnosis. Minutes later he arrived in the waiting area and sadly said, “this is bad..we’ll have to take a longer look.”

So now I’m Mac-less until they’re finished repairing everything. With my entire life stored on the hard drive, my sanity is dependent on the Apple technicians’ ability to revive my unresponsive machine. Pray for us!

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