The Boston Fellow

I met a young man in Boston who was 2 years old but had the mental capability of someone twice his age. Introducing my greatest friend’s (Erika’s) godson. When I pulled out my camera to take a picture of him, he stuck his arm out and said “iwaa-takea-pikta,” which Erika quickly translated into “he said that he wants to take a picture.”

I liked his pro-activeness!

Before handing him the camera, I insisted on taking my pictures of him. First he showed me his happy face….


…then he showed me his “angry face” (which was the exact same expression as the happy face, except he squeezed his hands closed really tightly to properly communicate the angriness)

Cutest Kid Ever

Then I handed him the camera to take his own pictures, which came out a lot better than the ones I took…

Avaughn's Picture 1 Avaughn's Picture 2