The Brisk Walk That Turned into a Mad Dash

I woke up at 7am this morning to take a walk around my neighborhood. Why? Because I’m random like that.

I started west on my block, then I turned onto a slightly busier block. A few hundred yards later, I made a left, a right, and another right and somehow ended up on the highway. I was on the shoulder of the highway staring at the fast-moving traffic straight ahead. I had 2 choices: 1) kiss the front end of moving semi-trucks, or 2) run like mad. Since I’m here to write this entry, you can guess which option I chose.

When I exited at the nearest exit, which happened to be about a mile down the road, I was in desperate need of a tank of oxygen, but the journey wasn’t over. I had a 1.5 mile walk home and my body kept telling me “just collapse already!”

When I finally got home, I dragged myself into my bed and passed out from exhaustion.

8 hours later, I woke up to type this entry.