The Corporate Naptime Experiment

This weekend I finished my second book of my 2008 book collection titled, The Ten Faces of Innovation. The book had a lot of great suggestions, but one idea seemed a little far-fetched and I am planning on putting it to the test.

The author, Tom Kelley, suggests the following:

  • “Some of the most prolific and creative people in history have been day-time nappers”
  • “With a good nap in the middle of the day, perhaps you could get two peaks, like having two mornings in the same day”
  • “Naps can have a tremendous restorative effect”
  • “One Harvard study showed that a mid-day nap reduced ‘information overload'”
  • “Twenty minutes…seems to be an optimum amount of napping time to awake refreshed without feeling groggy”
  • “Sometimes the best thing you can do for your performance at a critical meeting or presentation is to sleep on it”

Beginning today, March 31st and ending Friday April 4th, I will begin taking 20 minute naps during my work lunchtime hour to observe its effect on my after-lunchtime performance. I will return with a full debrief when the experiment concludes. Hopefully the mid-day nap will make me into the young-buff-trim heart throb superstar that I desired to be when I was in the third grade.