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The Jet Has Been Set

One thing that has helped me to establish the majority of my goals is my monthly reflection session, where I look back on my month and identify opportunities for growth. A few of the ideas that came to fruition as a result of these sessions were: my house, my car and my lifestyle brand idea. Most recently, I got my newest and greatest idea yet—a personal light jet!

I plan to travel very frequently in 2015 and a light jet is the perfect tool that’s essential to my mission. If I want to fly to Atlanta tonight and be back in time for a lunch in Florida, I want to be able to do so without Continental Airlines delaying my flight or refusing to transport my 100lb suitcase filled with swedish fish (don’t ask). Also, the older I get, the more things that I have to live for and I don’t want to place my valuable life in the hands of a random stranger who is hired to fly planes for the general public. What if the day that I choose to fly the plane is the day that the pilot chooses to drink a third of vodka?? There are hundreds of reasons why private aviation is the way that I should aim to fly in 2015, and these are just a few of them. Sure I know that there is a large expense associated with this asset, but I choose not to sweat the minutia.

Geremy's Personal Light Jet

After scouting for the lucky plane that will be mine in 5 years, I found THE ONE. The rendering of the plane pictured above will be a Geremology, Inc. registered plane called “The Phenomenal One” (a play off its model name, “Phenom 100”) and I am going to modify the exterior to make it a noticeable Geremy aircraft. This light jet will be used for my weekend trips and my short-run travels between states where I will own real estate. In addition, I have a thing for Maine Lobster and Poland Spring water directly from the source and my jet will put these things at arms reach.

Give me 5 years and I will make this goal into a reality!!

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