Tweet Tweet..

Someone’s playing a cruel joke on me–or at least that’s the only way to explain this strange phenomenon that’s been occurring. Every morning from Monday to Wednesday I’ve seen a bird fetus on my front step. I’ve checked the area for nests and I haven’t seen any within a 20 ft radius of the house, also I haven’t seen any birds walking around in the front of the house. Maybe that’s because they’re all dead? I have no idea!!

Day 1: My mom discovered the dead bird and threw it in the garbage.
Day 2: My dad discovered the dead bird and removed it from the front step
Day 3: I saw the dead bird and took an abundance of pictures…then I got rid of it.

I don’t know…

(if you’re curious to see a picture of the bird fetus, click here…but click at your own risk. I’m warning you… it’s disgusting)