Weird Weekly

On Friday I completed yet another exciting year of my life and now I’m 27 years old! The most exciting part of being 27 is the fact that I am no longer considered a “youthful driver” by my car insurance company, which means that I can finally get a reduction on my $35,000/year car insurance premium. In addition to celebrating my car insurance savings, I am also celebrating the great experiences that I had at the age of 26. Some of my most memorable moments include:

– Going on two international trips to Trinidad.
– Being invited as a guest speaker in Trinidad & Tobago for a group of 150+ people
– Being invited to speak to a group of ambitious high school students at the “Leaders of Tomorrow” program in Boston
– Designing and launching many new Peculiar PPL line extensions, including 11 new t-shirts, two notebooks and three dress shirts
– Having my first official photo shoot for Peculiar PPL
Designing my own, custom-made, Peculiar shoe
Starting “Geremy’s Peculiar Week,” my own little reality show of sorts
– Sending my sister on a much deserved vacation
Purchasing a Mercedes convertible
– Going on many fun outings, including weekend trips to other states
Changing my car brakes for the first time without injuring myself or others in the process
– Fostering great friendships with new and existing friends.

As I get older, I’m working harder so that I can succeed on purpose! I’m excited for the things that will be accomplished at age 27 and I plan on sharing the moments with the viewers as these things unfold! Perhaps I might even get the zebra that I’ve always wanted at the age of 27! Fingers crossed!!