‘05 Upstate Retreat- Days 2-5

Now that I think about last week, there is nothing worth mentioning, so I will summarize the week with a few succinct statements.

– I spent most of the week reading my newest book, “Copy This” – On my birthday my sister made me drive 5 miles away to buy pizza for her friends with my own money – My birthday wasn’t anything special… at all. – On my birthday I got 5 gifts—two identical refrigerator magnets, a can of peanuts, a fitted hat, and money – I got over 20 mosquito bites and they HURT. – I let 5 teenage boys stay in my room on the last day and I had to beat 3 of them with a belt because 1 kid wouldn’t stop saying, “I WANT MOMMY’S MILK” and the other 2 kids wouldn’t stop talking.

Here are some random photos from the week:


Campbell Farm


Hay Wheels

Messed up Mailbox

Baby Crying