“Go Hard or Go Home”

Like many others, I made “Go Hard or Go Home” my personal motto to force me to go to the extreme in anything that I do. I don’t just want to wear yellow, I want to be the yellowest person in the room. I don’t just want to have a clean car, I want to have the brightest reflection of a sheer masterpiece on four wheels. I don’t just want an A, I want an A plus…no, I want an A multiply. But for the past few weeks, I haven’t been going pretty hard.

I haven’t been putting any kind of effort into getting dressed and I’ve been resorting to generic outfits like hoodies. My car has been dirty with bug intestines splattered across the front of the hood and I think I have a rottening body in my trunk. My room hasn’t had any place to walk and I have no idea where my bed is anymore. I’ve been putting an average effort into writing papers, which will give me average grades, which just isn’t good enough.

Geremy, SHAPE UP!

This is the end of my slacking. I WILL go as hard because I don’t want to go home.

The Geremy that we all know and love will be back to his normal self very soon, as soon as he gets everything back to normal.

I WILL be the first.
I WILL be the best.