Weekend Update w/ Geremy

I spent the entire weekend and 90% of today doing 2 things:

1) Developing a plan for the rest of my life….yes, rest of my life. Someone once said “a goal without a plan is just a wish,” so in order to achieve my life goals, I had to make a plan. More on this in a later entry (possibly).

2) Developing a “photoblog.” I spent a total of approximately 40 hours trying to get many lines of programming functioning correctly, and now I can confidently say that it is the most functional photoblog out there.

But before you pop that bottle of sparkling apple cider to celebrate, I must rain on your parade. The design won’t go live for at least 50 more days for various reasons, including the fact that I don’t own a decent camera right now. Keep sitting on the edge of your seat because the official launch date for “Project: 561RAL” is set for January 1, 2006. More details as time passes.
Due to a very, very tight week at school, there won’t be many updates until I can catch a spare minute. I have a lot of ditches that I must pull myself out of in order to have a successful school year.