5/31/08 – Boston, MA – COMPLETED (again)

The Many Expressions of Boston

This weekend I went to Boston for another weekend trip. I’ve been to Boston many times before, but this time I focused the trip on two areas: 1) shopping and 2) activities

Shopping Highlight
The last time I went to Boston, I visited and basically fell in love with the store “Johnny Cupcakes” where you can buy limited-production t-shirts. Unfortunately the t-shirt that I bought during my last visit was way too big for my body, so I had to pay another visit to the store to get shirts that were my size. One shirt in particular struck a harmonic chord in my heart and I immediately fell in love with it. After I saw the picture of the refrigerator vomiting brightly colored cupcakes plastered across the front of the t-shirt, I knew that I needed to have it in my clothing arsenal. I mean, what’s more alluring than a vomiting refrigerator?!

Activity Low-light
Me and my two traveling compadres planned to go on the famous swan boats, which are apparently a “blast to ride” and are acclaimed to provide “an enchanting experience.” When we arrived at the departure point for the boats, we quickly noticed that when they said “swan boats,” they actually meant “chairs strapped to a piece of plywood, with a tired teenager peddling a unicycle with paddle-wheels to move the boat, and a strong-controlled rudder made out of a cardboard-like material, used for steering the boat.”

The entire Boston experience was great and now, after three visits within a year, I believe that I have successfully conquered Boston and all surrounding cities. Now it’s time for me to move on to bigger and better weekend trip destinations….Washington DC, anyone??