Magnolia’s Cupcake Creations

On Saturday I found myself in Manhattan with a few extra moments on my hands, so I picked up my cousin and we headed downtown to Magnolia’s bakery. Yes, you read that correctly–the bakery. Magnolias is known for having the best cupcakes in NY and (arguably) the best banana pudding in the world, so I took my hungry stomach downtown and prepared for a dessert fiesta in my mouth.

As I attempted to enter the bakery I noticed a long line of people that extended around the corner and up the block. New Yorkers sure do love their cupcakes! I stood humbly in the back of the line waiting to be admitted into the glorious world of cupcakes and sweets. As I stood there, I overheard other people in the line commenting on the bakery’s quality, using adjectives such as “amazing” “zestful” and “magnificent.” I expected big things. I expected to bite into a cupcake and see an angel float out from the soft cupcake center and say “congratulations, my child…you are now permitted to approach the fortress

Thirty minutes later I entered the bakery and after spending about $20 on three cupcakes and two banana puddings, I retreated to my car to taste the treats. I expected fireworks, a huge fanfare, and extreme activity in my synaptic terminals but instead I just got a basic super-sweet cupcake. Maybe I expected too much. The best part of the entire experience was when a dog walked past the line with a vodka bottle in its mouth, but after noticing a cupcake on the ground, it abandoned its vodka and replaced it with one of Magnolia’s cupcakes.

Magnolia’s cupcakes–conquering pet alcoholism, one cupcake at a time!