I Have Excellent Credit…

One thing I learned as a business major was that I needed money that was readily-available to seize business opportunities. After remembering this important lesson, I made my goal for last week to exhaust all of my financing resources to have money on-call.

Everyday during my lunchtime at work I left the office with the goal of getting at least $20,000 to invest. On Monday I went and applied for a 0% APR credit card with a high credit line. Hours later, I found out that I was approved and my credit limit was a whopping $1,000. One thousand dollars…the amount of money that I spend on gas each week.

$1,000 down, $19,000 more to go.

On Tuesday I walked into the Bank of America nearest to my house and asked for an unsecured personal line of credit. The woman looked at me directly in my eyes and said “no.” Well, that was quick! “What do you mean no?” “We don’t do that, but you can apply for one of our great credit cards!!!” “It’s fine, I have one already. Thanks!”


The search continued until Friday when i went to another Bank of America with a different approach. I walked up to the financial specialist with a smile on my face and I said “Hello today! I have excellent credit and I need money, but I don’t want a credit card…what can you offer?” Suddenly the woman became friendly and said “Sir, have a seat!” Within 10 minutes they gave me a $5,000 unsecured personal line of credit. Not bad, but the search continues next week.

So far, my lesson learned from this experience is that I should start every sentence with “I have excellent credit….”

I have excellent credit and this is the end of my journal entry.