Come Out Wherever You Are

Last night I read for about 20 minutes before falling asleep at around 12:20am. This was supposed to be the time for me to unwind and prepare for another day in the life of Geremy, but I realized that it’s a little hard to sleep WHEN THERE’S A PIERCING ALARM SOUNDING IN YOUR EAR.

Before I went to bed, I was going to run out to my car to get something, but changed my mind as soon as I partially opened the door. Less than 2 hours later, the wind blew the front door open and the house alarm sounded, which woke me up.

My dad woke up and called for me to help him search the house for the invisible intruder. Now keep in mind that I just woke up from bed, so I was all “discombobulated.” I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t feel, and I definitely couldn’t see, so if there was a burglar in the house, he could’ve whispered in my ear, ate all my porridge, and slept in my bed and I wouldn’t have known a thing.

I went downstairs and stood in one place with my eyes closed while my dad searched the entire house…literally. He looked behind the television, under the couch, inside the refrigerator, inside the toilet tank…everywhere! Then he went into the basement to look for the phantom thief and I tried to sneak back into bed, but I was called back downstairs to finish the search.

More searching ensued, no one was found and I headed back to bed knowing that if anyone ever tried to break into the house, my father and I—well, my father, is fully equipped to find them…even if they are hiding inside the microwave.

P.S: But that doesn’t give you the invitation to try and break into my house because I will bring Big Ben (my baseball bat) out to play.