Escapade to Charleston, South Carolina

One of my friends highly recommended Charleston, South Carolina as a place that I should visit, so I hopped on a plane and flew over at the first opportunity that I got. Although my family stopped there on a road trip about a decade ago, I didn’t remember too much about the place and had relatively low expectations about what I would see. However, when I landed, I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I was so enamored by the city of Charleston that I spent a few minutes looking for a house to purchase at a reasonable price. After I found a house that I liked, I checked the price and saw $7.5MM and this brought my housing search to an abrupt close.

The most bizarre part of the trip came when I decided to rent a scooter. I approached the scooter rental counter, handed over my money, and waited for a full orientation of the scooter’s workings and how to navigate without falling. Instead, he said, “go ride in a circle around the parking lot so I can see that you can ride.” I said, “um…HOW??” He responded, “just twist the handle and keep your balance.” Somehow I was able to pass the “ride around the parking lot” test, which qualified me to drive in the street with actual cars driving around me. But first I proceeded to get my helmet. Instead of handing me a helmet, he said, “ok, have fun!” I said, “wait, you forgot to give me a helmet.” He laughed and responded, “you don’t need a helmet—just take these sunglasses.” So you’re telling me that the sunglasses will protect my skull in case I lose control of this scooter?? Ok, cool.

Moped Taking a Break

I took-off down the road driving what felt like 120mph when suddenly a Jeep drove inches behind me and pressed his horn. I looked down and checked my speed, only to see that I was driving 7mph. I sped up to 20mph and hoped that I didn’t lose control and put my supposed “skull protecting sunglasses” to the test. Eventually I became comfortable with maneuvering and I zipped through traffic on the scooter with an engine that sounded like the world’s loudest mosquito.

SYM Scooter

All-in-all, I loved the city and will definitely return. Charleston, you’re amazing…stay that way!

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Probably the most beautiful bridge that I’ve ever driven on

Charleston at Night

Stuck Behind a Horse

Parallel Parking Horse
The horse and carriage parked in a parking space and blended-in perfectly.

My Southern Breakfast
I ordered breakfast and they gave me a biscuit. I was confused.

Dessert: My Cayenne Pepper Cookie and Milk
This was my cayenne pepper, chocolate cookie that I willingly ate and enjoyed with a side of milk