My Social Highlight Reel

I use social networks in a way that is atypical of many others in my generation. My Instagram is for posting memorable moments that I’d like to remember and share with friends forever. My Twitter is for capturing and sharing succinct fleeting thoughts that would otherwise fade away forever. My Facebook is an aggregator of all of my public data sources so that people who care can find everything in one place.

Although I am very appreciative of those who feel inclined to do so, I don’t pay too much attention to likes, retweets, favorites, or any other statistic that shows the social acceptance of my content. To me, whether something gets 3 likes or 97 likes, it doesn’t change the significance of the moment for me. Often times, the most important thoughts, ideas and moments aren’t generally accepted…at least initially.

My postings are, by a great measure, a distillation of the happiest and most memorable moments of my life that I’d like to remember forever. Behind every photo of a triumphant moment includes lots of opposition, hard work, and sacrifices, but rather than glorify the challenge, I prefer to highlight the outcome. I’m probably the # 1 visitor to my Instagram– not because I’m a narcissist, but because when I am faced with discouragement, my past victories are a great motivator. By no means should anyone assume that photos of me in a private jet, purchasing a rare pair of sneakers or driving a decent car tell the entire story. Behind each blessing are many days (and sometimes months or years) of challenges.

So, as a reminder to anyone reading my site, visiting my Instagram, browsing my Facebook, scrolling through my Flickr, watching my Vimeo or reading my Twitter, you’re only getting a modicum (haha– funny word, modicum) of the entire picture. What you see is my highlight reel of moments that I choose to make public.

Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.