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Grown Up Remote Controlled Car

On March 20, 2006 I purchased an XMods 1967 Chevry Camaro remote controlled toy car and posted these pictures of it onto my Flickr account:



Fast forward to December 30, 2011 when I pulled into my driveway and was surprised to see that my dad purchased a 1968 Chevy Camaro SS that was strikingly similar to my XMods RC car that was under my bed for the last five years. It was almost the same car, except it was a lot bigger, a lot faster and it was a convertible.

Grown Up XMods Car

Grown Up XMods Car

Grown Up XMods Car

Was this purely a coincidence??? I don’t know for sure, but I am tempted to try this trick again. Tomorrow I am going to purchase a toy Cessna Citation X and keep it under my bed for six years. Hopefully the plane fairy will grant my wish and enlarge it into a slightly newer, slightly faster, operational jet by 2018!


  1. Goose Eggs

    Hahaha, nice!! I’ll try an Airbus A380. Lolz

  2. Geremy F. (Author)

    “Goose Eggs?!?!” haha

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