A Peculiar guy named Geremy

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!


Last Sunday was my twenty-third birthday, but my quarter-life crisis began on Friday (8/1) and ended on Monday (8/4).  When my mini-crisis began I began to panic that I was getting old and needed to find a way to capture my youthfulness before it escaped me.  Due to this mini crisis I wore a shirt and tie to jeans/casual Friday at work and drove my dad’s ’72 Chevelle SS all day long.  I figured that if I dressed like an older guy and drove an older car, I would feel younger…but it didn’t work.

The next day (Saturday) was even worse as I found myself at the Lexus dealership making negotiations to lease a grownup-esque, new, beautiful green Lexus LS460 with sand colored interior and a 19 speaker Mark Levinson sound system to make my heart jump out of my chest and do a little jig on the dashboard.  I was able to negotiate the price of the lease to over $500 less than the originally proposed amount and I had a pretty sweet deal on my hands, but just as I was ready to sign the papers my mind yelled out “what are you doing?!?” 

Really… what was I doing? 

I snapped out of the quarter-life crisis pretty quickly and got right back into the swing of things.  More information about my escapades, ventures and happenings to follow in the near future.

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By Geremy F.
A Peculiar guy named Geremy